Seeking The Real Meaning Of Life

Every one of us has asked the same question either to ourselves or to other people. Yet people could never give answer that is as definite as to clear up the cobwebs of our minds regarding the matter.

That is because life means differently for each and every one of us. Every answer someone gives you is based on his own thoughts and inclinations, and if your mind is not on the same set as theirs the answer will still feel empty and incomplete.

Some people treat financial success and stability as the meaning and purpose to their life. Others find meaning in their relationships, while others in their activities which they have fun with. We only live once, some people may say, and we should live it with gusto. Hence, they succumb to the material perks and perspective of this world.

From this, you could see that the individual person’s interpretation of the meaning of life drives his deeds. They do these things to satisfy their own personal quests for self-satisfaction. Hence, we could infer that the real meaning of life lies in the peace of mind and fulfillment that we all seek in our daily lives.

Because of this, we could conclude that seeking for the meaning of life is actually seeking peace and fulfillment. Peace of mind cannot be attained through material means, and fulfillment is not the fleeting satisfaction that we all feel when we buy something that we have longed to acquire for quite some time. So how can one achieve this?

Finding Peace of Mind

Confucius’ Golden Rule says, “Do not do unto others what you don’t want them to do unto you.” The Hindu concept of karma, on the other hand, says that everything that we do will come back to us one way or another. Christians also are strongly driven by the thought of an afterlife where we are segregated into heaven or hell depending on the deeds that we do in our earthly life, and thus their morals are driven by this concept.

Let us compare a thief and an honest person for example. A thief spends his life in fear of the law. He does not sleep well in the night because somehow in the back of his mind there lingers a worry that someone might turn him over to the police. An honest man, on the other hand, does not have these worries. He doesn’t worry at night that policemen might suddenly kick down his door, handcuff him, and drag him to the station.

In a nutshell, we all find our peace of mind by doing the right things all the time. This is fairly difficult to do, because we are all humans and imperfect, thus most of the times we fall prey to the materialistic inclinations of this world rather than the spiritual. Spiritual here does not mean we have to align ourselves to any religious denomination. Instead, it means that we always strive to be morally upright despite the pressures of this world.

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 March 29th, 2017  
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Listen To Nature In Seeking Path To Succes

When the markets opened this morning, I observed that the stocks that I had studied and planned to buy, opened very much higher than their closing prices. Since I could not do much with the stocks, I thought I would just trade the futures which were much more volatile.

Just as I was thinking so, my fellow trader cum friend looked at me and told me to forget what was on my mind; as if he could read my mind! I asked him what he meant, and he laughed saying that the futures screen was malfunctioning and the prices were delayed for half an hour. I asked him how he knew what was on my mind, and he said that it was the same thought he had when he came in the morning. Although madly frustrated, we both still had our laugh. Not being able to do much, I sat on my chair feeling a little down to have missed a great chance of making huge profits in the volatile market.

Then it struck me, “WHAT IS NATURE TRYING TO TELL ME?” I am in a situation where virtually there was nothing I can do with regards to trading even though the opportunities were phenomenal. What was it that I was missing?

Nature, through its marvelous laws, guides individuals towards achieving the goals they set for themselves, and eventually to fulfilling the very reason they are here on this planet. Unfortunately, our inability to understand its infinite wisdom causes us to go through the various emotions ranging from negative, that is disappointment, frustration, anger etc, and to a certain extent overly positive emotions.

As I was thinking of the above, I left the office and headed home. My fellow traders tried the best to convince me to stay and trade, even though they themselves were not sure what to do! However, I made up my mind to listen to Nature, and figure out what it was telling me by shutting the doors of trading momentarily on me. On the way home, it struck me! Recently, my good friend and long time participant of my training program Steven Fu, launched my first book, through the internet to be marketed internationally.

This way, I would be able to reach out to more people and it would cost far less for anyone to acquire the book. My intention here is to share with people the practical workings of Nature’s Laws on a day-to-day aspect, rather than just concentrating on the philosophical aspect. However, my home country, Malaysia, is not in the third party merchant’s list of countries allowed to buy the e-book from. Please don’t ask me why, but these are the rules set by the payment gateway services we are using. Thus, my participants and non-participants who seriously want to purchase the product do not have an opportunity to do so! I never gave it much thought until now.

Just as I was thinking of this intensely, Madam Gomathi of Mutiara Power Packed Training Programs, called me. Her company markets and organizes training programs and seminars that I conduct in Malaysia. She also handles the marketing of my books in the country. She said that we should come up with the same e-book concept for Malaysia!

So, she started to search for a local payment gateway that will be able to accommodate my local market. Some were simply too expensive and the others did not have additional services that we needed. Finally, after securing one, she got together with our web page designers and started working on it. We are now looking into the legal aspects of doing the internet based sales, locally. I will keep you guys updated on it.

Although I was very busy with the above project, I was frequently updated by my futures broker and fellow traders on the condition of the financial markets. It turned out that the market movements were so volatile that most traders encountered more losses than gains. I am not really a brilliant trader, just average. My personal opinion after looking at the recent charts, the chances are I would have lost more if I had been in the game in the last few days!

I am just glad that I listened to NATURE

The Uneducated One is a financial market trader, author and a motivational speaker. He has helped companies and countless individuals achieve their goals and desires. Find out how you can now live a truly happy, healthy and wealthy life at;
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