What is the Best Printer to Buy this Year in the Pre-Christmas Sales?

It’s rumoured that one of the most popular Christmas gifts this year for students is a new printer to facilitate the printing of their assignments and boarding passes for their well earn half-term trips! On a serious note, the home printer is a practical Christmas gift for any household, and one that is becoming more and more common.

If we are choosing a printer as a gift there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the printer will need to suit the needs of the user, if it’s a home user then the printer will probably need to be colour and be able to print, scan and copy. The print speed of this printer may not be that important, but, the cost of the ink cartridges certainly will. In fact, one of the most important factors when considering buying a printer as a gift is, the running cost for the person who receives the printer. It might be OK to buy a bargain printer for a friend or loved one, but, if the running costs are astronomical then any good intentions on the part of the buyer are soon lost.

There are a couple of good tips to consider before purchasing the printer, for example, how much will the replacement ink cartridges cost and more importantly, will the printer accept compatible ink cartridges? This information will be available from any good ink seller and is very important, as some printers are more prone to rejecting compatible ink cartridges than others. What are the best printers to consider this year?

Well, we think that if you consider buying the Epson Expression XP range then you won’t go far wrong. This all-in-one range of printers is perfect for the home user or small office. They accept four individual ink cartridges, black, cyan, magenta and yellow and are all individually replaceable which makes it more cost effective than having to replace a full set of cartridges. The Epson printers are also known to be compatible ink friendly and do not give any real issues when it comes to accepting them.

Also, this time of the year lends itself to real bargains when it comes to printers’ as the more popular Christmas gifts are more likely to be TV’s or iPhones. Of course, Epson aren’t the only printers available but to give a more balanced view we also recommend Canon and Brother printers as good presents as they too will offer good value when used with compatible replacement cartridges. So, to give the perfect Christmas gift this year why not give a printer that has all the facilities that modern day life requires such as wireless printing and will be cost effective to run.

Check out my latest article if you’re looking for the best printer as a perfect Christmas gift this year. Epson Expression XP, can be the one for your home or student in your family. This small all-in-one printer, saves a lot of printing cost for users by accepting compatible ink cartridges.

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 March 29th, 2017  
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Rising Demand of Non-Original Epson Printer Ink Cartridges

Epson Expression printers have had a real impact on the local market of printer ink in Dublin in recent months with the Epson expression range reportedly becoming one of the fastest-selling model of all time for Epson. This all-in-one printer copier scanner was flying off the shelves in all the main stores, pre-back to school in September and is continuing to do very well in the battle against HP and Brother.

The main appeal of this range is the versatility combined with its acceptance of low-cost non-original ink cartridges. This series of Epson printers is ideal for home use or a small office and will print full colour with four inks. Being able to replace the individual cartridges is a big plus for it and with the compatible version available online, for as little as one euro, then it has virtually no competition from its rivals at HP, Brother or Samsung.

Original brand inks have become outrageously expensive over the last two years, in some cases costing more per ml than a good quality champagne or Chanel No. 5 perfumes! The rise of compatible ink has grown to such levels that there is a big demand for high-quality compatible ink cartridges from home and business users alike and with the advent of low-cost delivery or in some cases free delivery, it has become much easier to place the order from the comfort of your own home or office.

Dublin ink prices have forced printer owners to go down two routes, one being refill and the other being making the switch to compatible non-genuine ink cartridges. Home users have been using the compatible range of ink and toners for years, but now more and more businesses are making the switch too in an effort to make big savings on their yearly printing budget.

The Epson range of printers offer the ideal print solutions for the home user and small office with good quality prints available for everyday general-purpose printing. The compatible version for these printers excels in the area as there is virtually no difference in the print quality between the compatibles and the original brand ink cartridges in Dublin.

Check out my latest article that talks about the reason of growing demand of non-original ink cartridges in dublin for epson expression printer and benefits of buying them online at

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 March 8th, 2017  
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Which printer uses the best value ink cartridges in Galway?

As summer approaches and the restaurants and bistros get into full swing, the printing of bar menus and daily specials become a priority for most eating houses. Printing your own menus will keep the cost down and cut out the need for a commercial printer. The added advantage of printing your own menus is the flexibility in making changes to a daily menu.

Epson printers are very popular among home users and small businesses and will usually accept compatible ink cartridges in Galway without any difficulty. The Epson Expression range of printers is not only great value but also a very versatile printer. This all-in-one printer, scanner and copier uses four colour ink cartridges black, cyan, magenta and yellow. To satisfy the thirst of this top selling printer, the Galway ink cartridge shops will have an abundant supply of the T1811 black, T1812 cyan, T1813 magenta and T1814 yellow. The printer will allow you to replace the colours as they run low individually and will accept the compatible version of the ink cartridges without much of a fuss.

Original brand Epson Expression printer ink in Galway can cost around €80 for a full set. This is a ridiculous price and can often be more than the cost of the actual printer. A full set of the compatible version of this ink should set you back about half the cost of the original. A good quality compatible ink cartridge is a must and a money-back guarantee on the purchase of your ink cartridge in Galway is especially necessary for the first purchase you make in case you have any issues. The problem you are most likely to encounter is cartridge recognition. This is where the printer will not recognize the ink cartridge but removing and reinstalling the cartridge, gently wiping the ‘chip’ area with a dry soft cloth can very often solve the problem.

As a rule of thumb the best prices for the Epson Expression range of printers are on-line, it’s hard to see the price of a Galway ink cartridge being as cheap in comparison. The low initial cost of the Epson printer, coupled with the affordable running costs, make this range of printer good value with good quality printing. A good everyday printer recommended for general use in the home or the office.

Paul Johnston: I am Partner of, having experience in graphic design and print industry for 15 years. Read this article to get the best value Epson Ink Cartridges in Galway with good quality printing and save your money on Epson Expression range of printers.
 March 7th, 2017  
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Find Good Quality Ink Cartridges for Epson Expression XP Printer

The Epson Expression range of printers is proving very popular with customers and is very affordable at a cost of around Euro 80 for the all-in-one printer. The down side we are hearing is the price of the Epson XP ink cartridges. Most people would not check out the price of the ink before buying the printer and fall into the trap of buying the cheapest printer only to be caught out when they come to replace the cartridges. The Epson Expression range of printers uses the T1811XL cartridges, the codes for each colours as follows: Black T1811XL, Cyan T1812XL, Magenta T1813XL, Yellow T1814XL.

These printers will work comfortably with the compatible version of the printers and for this reason alone this range of printers becomes exceptionally good value. These cartridges are easily obtained online from the various ink suppliers in Ireland and are perfect for the home or office user.

Some people will ask what’s the difference between compatible and refilled or remanufactured ink, The simple answer is that although the technology of every printer is very complex, Epson, Canon and Brother manufacture a printer with a built-in print head, this means that when you are replacing the ink cartridge you are in fact changing the ink tank. More often than not, printers nowadays use an individual ink tank for the each colour ink (this can be up to 10 different ink cartridges in some printers) this means that when one of the colours run out you simply replace the empty ink cartridge. This is the system that’s employed in the Epson Expression printers. Lexmark, HP and Dell (it’s a little known fact that printers are manufactured by Lexmark for Dell), use an ink cartridge that has the print head integrated into the cartridge.

Each time you change an ink cartridge you are in fact installing a new print head into the printer! These cartridges are usually a lot more expensive due to the complex technology that’s in the make up of the cartridge. These ink cartridges are therefore worth re-cycling because the print heads can be used several times without loss of quality. Overall, the best value ink cartridges are the ink tank replacement type that the Epson Expression printer use as they are both inexpensive and reliable as compatible cartridges.

Get the good quality Compatible Epson Ink Cartridges for Epson Expression XP Printer with multipack deals and offers.

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 November 5th, 2016  
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Use Compatible Ink Cartridges for New Epson Expression Printer

Every new printer comes with a set of cartridges to get the printer started, but will usually only last for a few pages of print. Hopefully you will have done your research before actually buying the printer to ensure that it will work with a compatible ink cartridge that is sure to be a fraction of the cost of an original brand. Epson printers in general accept compatible ink without any issues. The new range of Epson Expression printers are no exception and savings of up to 70% can be made against the original brand price.

Of course it’s always good housekeeping to check for the cost of the ink cartridge that your printer will use before you buy the actual printer. Also, giving a quick call to a reputable ink supplier will alert you to any issues there might be with using compatibles. This may be an issue if you were considering purchasing a HP printer but as a rule, the Epson range gives little or no bother in this respect.

The Epson Expression range of printers use four colour ink cartridges black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The advantage of running a printer with four individual ink cartridges is that you can replace one colour at a time when they run out. If you choose to buy a two cartridge printer, for example a Canon printer that uses one black and one tri-colour ink cartridge, then replacing the colour can be expensive as once it runs low on one colour the whole cartridge must be replaced. A big advantage using compatible ink is that the cartridges are generally filled to capacity so you will receive more ink in your cartridge than an original brand.

The Epson expression cartridges come in a standard and high capacity version. The high capacity version, also known as the XL, will produce more prints than the standard cartridge and is better value when bought as a compatible. Epson printer’s track record overall using compatible ink is very good with few printers rejecting the cartridges. From time to time the printers may display the message ‘cartridges cannot be recognised’. If this message appears when you first insert the ink cartridge then it’s likely that the cartridge is faulty, you can try removing and reinstalling, if this doesn’t work then replace the cartridge. If this message appears during printing then it’s likely that the ink is running low big advantage using compatible ink is that the cartridges are generally filled to capacity or has run out, check the ink levels (some printers will not display the ink volumes on compatible cartridges so this is also an indication that it’s time to replace the cartridge). Overall, the Epson Expression are a great All-in-One printer that works well alongside the compatible Epson ink cartridges.

If you want to use compatible ink cartridges for your new Epson Expression printer? Then check out the article and get great savings of up to 70% on the original brand.
 October 18th, 2016  
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