Material Love and The Modes of Nature

What do we call material love in our world? What we call “love” in this world is simply the self-centered desire to enjoy the “beloved” object. So our love for something or someone is dependent upon whether or not our senses are being pleased.

For example, people generally love animals such as cats because of the sensual attraction to soft fur, or dogs because of the dog’s desire to please the master. But, very few people are interested in embracing a cockroach, because a cockroach is displeasing to our senses. However, a cockroach is a living entity with feelings like any other due to its essential spiritual nature.

When we think that we are experiencing a loving mood with some other creature, we are illusioned because we are unaware of their consciousness which is not “at one” with ours. It is thinking of its own gratification.

When one loves Krishna, one will love all living entities equally and truly, because of the spiritual family relationship that is there. Krishna tells us that we are all His “parts and parcels”, His sons and daughters. A devotee of Krishna has no hatred for any living entity, just pure, unselfish love.

A Krishna conscious person is able to properly express this unselfish love and benefit all living entities, because he is aware of their real self-interest. However others, even if they are well-intentioned, can never give any real help to the self–the soul in the body. Material help is temporary. Spiritual help is eternal.

The real self-interest of all living entities is Krishna consciousness.

The Modes of Nature by Krishna. The Bhagavad-gita informs us that all conditioned souls are forced to act helplessly by , the impulses born of the modes of material nature. The soul is thinking that he is acting by his own volition but in actuality the modes are shaping the soul’s desires and actions.

There are three modes of nature: goodness, passion, and ignorance. According to the specific combination of the three modes that a soul is affected by, he acts accordingly. The three modes combine to provide the impulses for every conceivable type of activity in this world, just as the three primary colors can be combined to yield all the colors of the spectrum.

According to the combination of modes, one is attracted to certain types of eatables. For example, the pig is very enthusiastic to partake of stool (which human beings consider abominable), because the pig loves food in the mode of ignorance. Food in the mode of goodness is sweet, juicy, fattening, and palatable. Food in the mode of passion is too bitter, too sour, too salty, pungent, dry, and hot. Food in the mode of ignorance is decomposed, tasteless, stale, putrid, and unclean (such as meat).

A devotee is only interested in eating food that has been offered to Krishna which purifies his consciousness, and helps him in his spiritual progress.
1. Bhagavad-gita 3.5
2. Bhagavad-gita 17.8
3. Bhagavad-gita 17.9
4. Bhagavad-gita 17.10

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Love photography! Give yourself a chance to be professional

This art of viewing things in such different way is not everyone’s piece of cake, as it involves a great deal of creativity and deeper thoughts of viewing things which everyone cannot view. Photography is an art and photographers are people behind this art.

Photographers are people who capture precious moments with their creativity to form an immortal art form. These are people with strange but have out of the views about viewing things. When actual reality is turned into virtual reality through acts of transcendence, it becomes art. We might turn a simple thing by saying it ugly but when a photographer captures the same using their own creativity and innovative thinking, the same ugly thing becomes a masterpiece and an inspiration for us all and we admire the same.

Just by having a latest and high tech camera means you are a photographer, photography is an art and the same is reflected in the work of the photographer. Photography is a full time career option with them needed in every sphere of life from everyday life in the entertainment industry to fashion and print industry, everyone needs the services of these creative people who can make an ordinary simple thing look extraordinary.

Photographers can be categorized based on the subjects they photograph; they can be still photographers, fashion photographers, wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, street photographers to name a few. Photographers who produce moving rather than still pictures are often called cinematographers, videographers or camera operators, depending on the commercial context. Photographers can take profession as a freelancer or can be associated with some organization depending upon the kind of work they perform.

The work of a photographer is admired depending upon what that person wants to reflect in the art form. A photographer needs to be unique, informative, and creative and very precise about the kind of work the person wants to reflect. A photographer may be only good at capturing some particular kind of work while for others may not be that perfect. Photography is an art and photographers give these art piece life and uniqueness.

For a good photographer a person need to be very passionate about the kind of work the person chooses to do and the way of doing it. Most people start this a hobby but later translate the passion into a full time profession.

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Valentine’s Day Eastern Mysteries-The Colours Of Love And Romance To Help Your Love Life

We send around a billion cards a year…it’s the second biggest card-fest after Christmas and we’re familiar with the red roses, chocolates and candlelit dinners that western culture enjoys on this celebration of love and romance every February 14th. In western culture, Valentine’s Day is all about red for roses, passionate scarlet, caring crimson and cheeky cherry.

But what does this day look like elsewhere?
The mysteries of the tales of St Valentine have intrigued the world for centuries and the same sentimental celebrations come in many different guises.

Roses are red, violets are blue… in Japan and Korea, Valentine’s Day takes on a different hue.

The red remains but chocolate is the colour and flavour of February 14th in Japan. This is a day when the women work hard to impress and please all the men in their lives. The language of love is expressed through chocolate rather than cards. It’s expected for women to give sweet treats known as giri-choco or ‘obligation’ chocolates to male co-workers, bosses and acquaintances. These are cheaper, low quality versions of the honmei-choco or ‘true feeling’ chocolates that are given to their real sweethearts. Needless to say, this is boom time for the chocolate making companies in Japan, with half of annual sales around this time of the year.

It’s a whole month later before the men respond. They wait until March 14th to say thank you. This date is ‘White Day’, when men express their gratitude to women for their tokens and gifts by giving white chocolate and marshmallows to those who spoiled them in February. The special sweethearts receive jewellery most often. A charming necklace or elegant ring is most popular, as well as flowers or a cuddly toy. Another popular gift is a handkerchief, which are often really beautiful collectable items in Japan.

In Korea, there’s another colour again. The suitably and sadly-named ‘Black Day’ follows on April 14th. It is a dark day indeed where all the poor men who received no gifts on Valentine’s day gather together to share their sorrow over a plate of Jajangmyun – Chinese-style noodles topped with black sauce.

Whatever colour reflects you or wherever you’re located this Valentine’s Day, prepare for the evening by indulging yourself in the aromas of the orient with a luxurious Japanese Yuzu smoothing body lotion. The therapeutic benefits of the Yuzu citrus fruit have been enjoyed for nearly as many centuries as the tales of St Valentine himself. Whatever is in store for you this Valentine’s day, make sure it includes love, romance, relaxation and plenty of colour.

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Scrapbook Artists Love Cricut Machines

A Cricut machine does not require a computer interface. The Cricut die cutters are free standing machines that produce precision cut designs in card stock paper. These Cricut die cutters are wildly popular among paper crafters and scrap book artists. Various designs are selected by cartridges to allow scrapbookers and artists to create designs within a selected theme.

Cricut machines offer several cartridge designs including birthday themes, patriotic themes, and wedding themes. These cartridges all work among the different Cricut machines. The most popular machine is the Cricut Expression, followed by the Cricut and the Cricut Create.

The Cricut personal electronic cutter costs about $ 300 and comes bundled with the “George” cartridge, which is full of fonts and basic shapes including blackout, shadow, silhouette, charm, slotted, and sign. This cartridge makes accents in 12 sizes.

The Cricut Expression retails for around $ 500.00. It uses the same cartridges as the Cricut personal electronic cutter, but also has the ability of cutting on a 12″x24″ mat, making it perfect for large format projects.

The Cricut Create is a lot like the Cricut Expression, in that it cuts shapes and letters in a larger format. This machine is typically packaged with the “Don Juan” starter cartridge. The cartridge offers sever fonts, shapes, and creative designs to get you started with your scrapbook project. The various shapes include shadow, stitched, marquee, puzzled, and under pressure designs. The Cricut Create package retails for around $ 400.

There are several reasons why a Cricut is a great investment for those who love scrap booking. One cartridge, when adjusted to a variety of different sizes and paper choices, can make countless different looks. For those who make quite a few layout titles, using a Cricut can eventually be more economical than buying sheet after sheet of alphabet stickers to make one layout title.

The coolest feature of the Cricut Machine is that it can be used by school aged children to design projects and reports for school. The possibilities are endless with the Cricut Machine. While offering so many cartridges and each one making around 250 designs in 12 size, there is not much you can’t do with a Cricut machine. They are perfect for scrapbooking, artistry, school projects, and sign making.

Jenny Spuknik writes articles to teach artists about using a Cricut Cutting Machine and the Cricut Cutter.
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Rubies: An Expression of Love for Valentine’s Day

Corundum is a durable mineral of aluminum oxide. There are two classifications of gemstones within this family. The sapphire encompasses every color but red, which leaves that for the ruby. It may be surprising to learn that these two seemingly different stones are actually the same. The difference is the trace amounts of chrome which account for the shades of red.

Where are they found?
For historical purposes, India is well known for its rubies as well as its adoration of the gemstone. An exceptionally beautiful stone was received with all the pomp and circumstance of royalty as it was brought into the city and to the ruler.

However, that was then. Today, the most significant deposits come from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Other parts of Asia also contribute to the world’s supply such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Special Days
A classic expression of love and affection is a red ruby heart pendant on Valentine’s Day. Accompanied with a box of chocolates, a red rose or two and a card, it is a slam dunk gift.

But, Valentine’s Day is not the only occasion where a ruby necklace makes a great gift. The rich red gemstone is also the birthstone for July and the designated gem for commemorating the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

A bit of Valentine’s Day history
February 14th was declared Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius in 498 A.D. Of the various legends surrounding the evolution of the holiday, there is one that really stands out. Around 270 A.D., the Roman Emperor Claudius II banned the marriage of soldiers because he believed that family distracted them from the duties.

Valentine was a priest who secretly continued to marry couples until he was caught and imprisoned for defying the Emperor. He died in prison and February 14th was possibly the date of his burial.

The first recorded Valentine card was sent by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife from his cell in the Tower of London in 1415. This card is now held in the British Library. Over the years, the holiday progressed from sending love notes to tokens of affection. Jewelry became a popular token of affection and in particular the decadent red ruby pendant.

Caring for the jewelry
All members of the corundum family rank 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness which means it is a very strong mineral. As a result, the ruby gemstone is easy to care for and can be worn every day in any kind of setting.

For cleaning, soak the ruby pendant or other piece in warm soapy water and scrub with a toothbrush if necessary. It is also safe to clean in an ultrasonic or use a steamer. But, because some stones have been heat-treated to bring out a richer color, so limit the exposure to extreme heat.

Whether on Valentine’s Day, birthday or wedding anniversary, a ruby heart pendant is always a beautiful expression of love and adoration. Like true love, this gemstone can withstand the test of time.

A heart shaped ruby pendant is the perfect expression of love for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Find more beautiful jewelry for yourself and your loved ones at

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Why Many People Consider Greeting Cards To Be A Strong Expression Of Love

Greeting cards are arguably one of the best ways to let someone know how you feel about them. Cards about love are one of the greeting card industry’s most lucrative products. Love is a strong emotion. It moves people to action. People want to have a tangible way to express their emotion of love and they will buy anything that accomplishes that goal.

When you market greeting cards, you are marketing people’s emotions. Love is by far the most powerful emotion. The expression of love that is demonstrated by a simple greeting card can spark a relationship that will last a forever. Whether it is a friendly type of love, a long distance relative, or the most commercialized romantic variety, a greeting card can play a big part in expressing your feelings.

A greeting card that is given to a person who is ill or suffering in pain, it shows the love and compassion of someone who cares. When a person is hospitalized, a greeting card can be placed by beside the bed as a daily reminder, that they are not alone in their afflictions. When a person has suffered another kind of pain, such as the loss of a loved one, a greeting card can show the tender love of compassion.
When a person’s feelings have been injured, a greeting card can show a love of empathy or an expression of sorrow and plea of forgiveness. Love is the most tender of emotions and its expression causes the love to grow. The more love you give, the more you have to give.

The photos or drawings on a greeting card can help a person visualize the love and caring that is intended with the words on and in the card. They help make clear and intensify the emotions when the card has a loving picture on the cover. A well chosen card may even help melt a hardened heart that has shut itself off to love.

The power of a greeting card designed to demonstrate love should never be underestimated. While some may poke fun at the simple act of a giving a card, others rely on the ability of a card to smooth the way for a deeper relationship. The recipient’s favorite color, flower, animal, or hobby shown on the front of the card can stimulate something in their hearts or bring to mind a fond memory. A person who opens this kind of card may smile when otherwise a smile has not been forthcoming. When they read the carefully chosen words, it will deepen the mood. After that, a phone call or letter or even an email of much awaited thanks will invite further conversation and contact.

Greeting cards are so simple and yet can convey profound emotions. It may bring to remembrance the nervousness with which the first greeting card was given by a shy teen to a charming first love. Whatever loving emotion you are trying to convey you can be sure there is a greeting card to express it for you.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his beautiful wife and family in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about romantic cards as well as specialty gifts at
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The Mysteries Of Love

Quality art painting works are always admired and people like to keep them in their home and office. They go to different places to get the best painting made by the famous artist to décor their home and office and one such place is You can very easily get these paintings in the art galleries, as here you will see the painting of all genres and choose one that you think will go with your home or office décor. If you really appreciate art paintings, then it’s sure that you must have heard about the famous artist Bulczynski Isabelle. She is a French artist who was born on 7th July 1962 in Bourbon L’Archambault, France. Bulczynski Isabelle entered into the college of applied arts “Martiniere’ in Lyon and then looked advance into artistic courses. There are many art works that are completed by this famous artist and has painted all types of painting. She is considered as one of the most noticeable and best painter of today.

She joined the Academy of formation to the trades of art and communication of Gouvieux in Oise, School of the Art Schools of Clermont-Ferrand and the School of Architecture of Vovic. Bulczynski Isabelle artworks focus on the mysteries of Love, desire and the connection between the heart and the body. Her paintings are on human languages that are done with right kind of stroke. She has tried her painting of different subject and have been appreciated by many, you will be able to see the paintings made by Bulczynski Isabelle in the art galleries and you can also buy his popular works at very reasonable price range. Some of her famous paintings are:

* Vacuum
* Anger
* Vision Disorder
* To Live
* The Madness
* Dance With Me
* Voyage2
* Not of Doubt it is a Boy
* Horses
* Interdependence 2

These are some of the most famous work of Bulczynski Isabelle and there are many other works that will spark your eyes. You can see all her painting on her official site, if you want to see all her painting all together, there are many paintings that are made by her about different subject. She uses different styles, designs and colors each when she made her painting and is liked by many people all over the world this the charm of her paintings. Bulczynski Isabelle art paintings styles are:

* Abstracted
* Contemporary
* Figurative
* Semi Figurative
* Symbolism

All her paintings come in different sizes and you can easily buy them from your local stores or from the Internet. There are many online stores those are selling painting works done by Bulczynski Isabelle.

Bulczynski Isabelle is a self motivated graphic painter who is renowned for his unpredicted touch of brush and color. If you want to see his art gallery visit at:
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Infinite Love With Diamond Eternity Rings

It is generally worn by the wife and is featured by an “eternal” or continuous line of specially cut, identical diamonds. Since it symbolizes infinite love, the eternity ring is generally presented by the husband during milestone wedding anniversaries.

History of the eternity rings

Diamond eternity rings first came into existence during the 1960s. The popular diamond vendor, De Beers emerged with the idea when the prevailing fashion in wedding rings at the time was putting a large single gem on the ring piece. At that time, these diamond eternity rings were made with older married women as the targeted market.

Half style and Full style

Many people found that having various diamonds set around the ring was cumbersome. This led to the development of an optional style which put the precious gems only on the face of the ring.

Full styles

This is the traditional design of eternity wedding rings which sets the diamonds around the ring. Although it is awkward to some people, it still remains a popular choice amongst women. There are various settings that conform to the conventional complete style, most of which make it seem like diamonds are floating infinitely across the fingers of the wearer. To lessen the awkward and frequently uncomfortable feeling, manufacturers generally set smaller diamonds on these diamond rings.

The nature of the complete design of the diamond tennis bracelet makes it more challenging to make with respect to the half style ring. These rings can’t be resized conveniently, making the number of diamonds to be utilized, and also the number of carats, which mainly depends on the ring size. Eventually, the more carats and diamonds are there, the costlier is the ring.

Half styles

The half style is the solution to the requirement. As the diamonds are only set across the face of the ring. While the full styles are more suitable for small stones, the bigger stones can be set in half style rings. Moreover, more and more women now favor the half style ring as it openly displays all the precious gems.

The timeless ring

While diamonds are the general choice of these rings, other stones such as sapphires and emeralds can also be designed into these wonderful jewelry pieces. Other designs predominantly utilize diamonds while adding some other types of gems. Couples may utilize different cuts and shapes for their rectangles, squares, and oblongs. Till this day, diamond eternity rings remain as the most popular anniversary gift given by any husband to his wife, with its innate symbolism of infinite love.

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How to Attract Quality Men With What Guys Love to Hear On a Date Methods

Even guys love to hear the compassionate commendations and kind compliments that people have for them! Good compliments are not reserve for women folks alone Take note girls as we present the top 5 tips that will fill your man with delight and make him feeling cared for, valuable and a better human being. Men will fall for you if these ideas are used.

5 Things Men Love to Hear On a Date…

1) How did that happen?

A question like this proves that you have heard every expression that he has been making in the previous few minutes. Changing the subject, interrupting him or even observing at your nails will make him feel that what he is saying doesn’t appeal to you. He will get the impression you are less interestedin the discussion if you say something like “Uh huh”. Instead, actively jump in with remarks like, “You’re kiding! So what happened next?” or “After that…” That way, he’ll recognize you’re paying attention instead of just being courteous.

2) That’s really awesome.

Whether he is mentioning something like how he will go about fitting his air conditioning or concerning applying for promotion at work, focus and make him feel valuable. So say nice things about him for the height he has reached because it is fundamental to develop his self esteem by valuing what he has achieved.

3) Thanks.

You won’t be seen lowlier in your man’s eyes by doing this, it is a different approach to get nearer to him. Once he compliments you on the way you look, while he settle the bill and when he drives you back home, you must thank him. Although you shouldn’t utilise the expression too much, good manners are essential. You will look levelheaded and discerning in the majority informal dating scene today.

4) What other activities do you engage in when you’re not at work?

Men are unable to multi task. But you would learn some more details about the man when you ask this question. You could even think of some original and new ideas to do with him after work. In actual fact you could realize you have common interests.

5) I would like to get your feeling on something.

Rather than you asking for views on shopping, knitting or shoes, ask for his thoughts on how to deal a complicated coworker at work. Alternatively, he will feel valued and will be thrilled to offer his view if you ask him to help you buy a new gadget like a digital camera or a laptop.

Are you finding it hard to attract loving caring men to your life?, come to my blog to discover how to be irresistible to men. This proven system reveals simple and effective how to be irresistible to men methods that will help you meet man of your dream.

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When Love Doesn’t Vibrate, It Can’t Heal

Feel the vibes?

Although ridiculed, that question is not nearly as silly as it may seem at first. In fact, science has now recognized that what we call “reality” is in fact based on strings of vibrating particles.

In other words, we and everything else in the universe consist, in essence, of vibrations. And the ultimate vibration–the highest, lightest, fastest, finest, largest, most powerful of all frequencies–is unconditional love.

The vibration of unconditional love is sheer joy, utter bliss, total transcendence. It is the healing, uplifting Source of All That Is. Some of us call that ultimate love vibration God. Others use different names. The moniker makes no difference. God is love. Love is God. Love is the Goddess, too.

This begs some obvious questions, however. If everything is love, why is there so much ugliness and nastiness in this world? Why is our ultimate love-essence so well hidden? Why so much alienation, separation, suffering, and cruelty? Why are we wounded, fearful, and lacking instead of whole, loving, and abundant?

Sages have maintained for millennia that the physical world is just an illusion. For being “unreal,” however, it certainly packs a powerful and painful bite.

No, the physical world we inhabit is very real. It serves many useful purposes, the most important of which is to reflect back to us the state of our vibes. If we don’t like the reflection, instead of trying to “change the world,” perhaps we might start with changing ourselves–our individual vibrations.

There are many ways to do this. We influence our vibrations every time we meditate, pray, chant, assume yoga postures, consume certain foods, herbs, or supplements, visualize, and more. And while the effects of the preceding activities are often very positive, they also tend not to be permanent. To keep experiencing the benefits, we have to repeat the chanting, the meditating, the yoga postures, the visualizations, the supplements, and so forth.

Some maintain that this is simply spiritual discipline. But it can also devolve into a spiritual treadmill, tying us to routine and repetition even when it may no longer make much sense for us to continue.

Instead, why not just go straight to our actual vibrations? Most of us intuitively sense that love is healing. What we don’t yet realize is what wounds us in the first place. We are in the dark about what keeps us separate from that ultimate love vibration, locked into cycles of misery, poverty, violence, and despair.

Two words: self-judgment. Let us shine the light at long last on how self-judgment injures us at the energy-essence level because it does not vibrate. Self-judgment stops what is meant to be our free-flowing essences into a fixed interpretation of our experiences, even when that interpretation is mistaken or no longer valid.

Once parts of our vibrating essences are stopped entirely or slowed by self-judgment, we experience pain and disease at all levels of self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We manifest lack instead of abundance, disease instead of health.

Self-judgment hampers, warps, and twists the vibration of our essences into something barely recognizable and often repulsive. Self-judgment is the pervert, the liar, the deceiver, spreading darkness and disconnection, reveling in pain and mayhem. If self-judgment sounds like a more familiar term, such as Satan or the Devil, well, the shoe certainly fits.

All of us go through our lives reeling unknowingly from the self-judgments trapped within our vibrating essences which, as a consequence of self-judgment, do not vibrate as freely as they could and in some places do not vibrate at all. And, just as self-judgment wounds us individually, the collective reality we know as the human condition on earth suffers in the extreme from the combined impact of all of our self-judgments.

Believe it or not, the preceding is good news. It means that once we remove even the slightest self-judgment from our vibrating essences, we have healed not only ourselves individually, but our world collectively.

We are indeed linked to each other and All That Is through our interconnected vibrations. When self-judgment slows a part of our vibrating essences, the rest of us suffer as well, even if indirectly. The reverse is also true. When we remove a self-judgment from our vibrating essence, we help heal everyone and everything else around us.

Healing our vibrating essences, then, is the greatest gift we can offer to others as well as to ourselves. Far from being selfish or self-absorbed, healing self at the vibrating essence level is the ultimate act of generosity because doing so helps others heal, too.

We are indeed all that connected via the vibes.

Candace (C.L.) Talmadge is the author of the epic fantasy Green Stone of Healing(R) series and a political columnist syndicated by North Star Writers Group. As StoneScribe, she blogs about the intersection of politics and spirituality.
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