Auto Parts Enterprises: car dealers blindly to keep the prices down undesirable

High-tech Zone in the many high-tech enterprises in Jinan City, Shandong Lu was Tony lights Corporation is not very dramatic. But insiders know that the companies smallish strength should not be overlooked. Lu was Tony has grown into a leader in the domestic auto parts
manufacturers, truck lights, the “leader” of the industry, with annual sales revenue of over 200 million yuan. However, is such a company, when talking about the future prospects of the enterprise managers undaunted: “subject to all the chaos of the auto parts industry, companies want to continue to rise is difficult now efforts to ensure stability.
“CNHTC more than 60% of the truck lights is produced by our company, the Beiqi Auman series truck headlights 40%, Nanjing Iveco Automobile products accounted for 70%.” Of Shandong Lu was Tony headlights Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Zhang Liangping told reporters this set of data
shows the strength of the companies, “returned to the country many car firms supporting FAW, Shaanxi Auto, Sichuan Automobile headlights industry in the province has long been a first in the country is also the first three. “

19 years ago, the identity or collective enterprises was Tony Lu single product, lack of orders, the annual sales income of more than 600 million. In Jinan mirror Factory 323 workers scrimped and saved $ 100 million launched in 1994, set up Jinan Lu was Tony headlights Company Stock Co in the city at that time one of the 16 pilot enterprises. Clear property rights, Lu was Tony rebirth sales revenue soaring. After a few years, Lu was shell one by one to receive three bankruptcy, system shutdowns. In 1998, Lu was Tony ultimate “anti-eating parent, mergers mirror Factory in Jinan, receiving all serving and retired workers, and assumed all the debt. Today, the company has annual production capacity of 5 million lights, more than 40 series over 300 varieties.

Lu was Tony able to develop so rapidly, thanks to innovation as the soul. Zhang Liangping a vivid metaphor to reporters: “a long-distance race athletes know, can not exceed your opponent on the same runway, real transcendence from the blind followers usually do not do business innovation does not necessarily win, but there is no innovation will be eliminated. “in many people’s impression of supporting enterprises is” processing “, others to the drawings upon request production line. “Lu was Tony can be not so simple, our lights, only to vehicle manufacturers to develop a new model space dimensions, assembly size.” Zhang Liangping said., From the exterior design of the headlights, the use of materials such as by the company’s own research and development, production, assembly process, and are formulating their own molds also produce their own, only the preliminary design to go through 48 processes. Lu was Tony more than 600 employees involved in product design personnel have more than 60 people, the annual R & D investment accounts for about 10% of the sales revenue. “The current the domestic the truck headlights production of enterprises, with only two independent R & D capabilities, we are one.” Zhang Liangping told reporters.
A price not quality hamper development

In recent years, the domestic heavy-duty vehicles to enter a period of rapid growth and expanding demand for auto parts, industrial development accelerated. Market, technology, good management, such as Lu was Tony enterprise ought to development is “hard gas”, Zhang
Liangping was less optimistic: “Our development goal is to ensure stability.” He told reporters, the current auto parts competition in the market is very confusing between price and quality, vehicle production enterprises pay more attention to price, to unreasonable prices down related accessories, these production accessories companies earn less money, about developing it so blindly to keep the prices down , is not conducive to the formation of the industrial chain. “

Domestic heavy duty truck production mode with foreign Zhang Liangping said foreign research and development of a new product cycle for 18-36 months, the headlights of a new model developed for a long time will not change, which allows supporting enterprises longer production cycle, there is conducive to absorb the cost of domestic enterprises set in November this year, a new model will be asked to January next year, you must produce supporting truck headlights. “Zhang Liangping example, to reporters , within such a short time, how can you produce a competitive product? “

The new product is not just a short development cycle, market sales cycle is very short. Zhang Liangping briefed reporters on the 2023 truck lights, for example, the general will change type, so the new lights in the first year to buy the higher prices, the profit will reach 20%, the cost recovery as soon as possible, to the second year of the vehicle manufacturers will ask you to keep the prices down 5% to 8%, the third year of basic not make a profit. In order to extend the life of the product, Lu was Tony had tried to exclusive supply contract signed with the vehicle manufacturers, but some manufacturers also act in accordance with the contract, but the second year in order to reduce the cost of automobile production, will be relevant parameters disclose to the other lights manufacturers allowed to produce cheaper products forced Lu too Pui price cuts, not price cuts would mean the loss of customers. Faced with this situation, Zhang Liangping reluctantly said: “in the face of our customers ‘protection of intellectual property rights’ is simply out of the question, because ‘arm twisted, but the thigh’.”

Despite the difficulties, but Lu was Tony still choose to do the industry leader, they believe that “as long as the industry-leading position, there will be more opportunities.” On December 11 last year, of Shandong Lu was Tony lights The company is mainly involved in the drafting of the “non-highway tourist car headlamp mandatory national standards officially released by the China National Standardization

Management Committee, Lu was Tony confirms own strength. “First-class enterprise standard, second-rate corporate brand, third-rate companies make products.” Phrase widely circulated, Zhang Liangping told reporters, Lu was Tony is to do this first-class enterprise.

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The Ego Will Keep You Feeling Good But Broke

If you are into selling anything online, you likely have some issues. One because making money isn’t easy for a lot of people. Second because nobody wants to be sold something from a pushy sales person, and nobody wants to become that pushy sales person. So when you’re setting up your site, you usually take great pains, not always consciously to avoid asking for the close.

From this comes the “sales bravado” you see so often in online forums. This is great if it helps you to overcome your fears of asking for the order. That’s not an easy thing to do, online or off. Asking for the order implies that the client can say, “no,” which means you can feel rejected. Nobody wants to feel rejected.

So as a response, or as what psychologists would describe as a “coping strategy” sales people sometimes build up these really “macho” personas that they use online. You can see this behavior in online forums all the time. If this is enough to get you to ask for the order, and make more money, then it’s a useful strategy. But it can go too far.

What do I mean? Whenever you behave in any way, you are looking for some kind of response. Often times, when people brag online, they are looking to establish some kind of online credibility. When this online credibility becomes more important than learning useful skills to sell your products, it becomes a problem.

Consider this example. Somebody poses a question online about a somewhat difficult to understand sales technique or method. This could be a potential way for many people to learn a lot of useful skills. It might evolve into a great discussion of different people’s experience with this technique, what worked, and what didn’t work.

But it usually doesn’t end up like. People try to outdo each other by showing how they are more knowledgeable about the subject than the next guy. Pretty soon it turns into an online chest thumping contest. No meaningful information is disseminated. People just become more skilled at showing how they know more than everybody else.

It’s hard to learn from these kinds of discussions. When your focus becomes being the best known marketer online, it’s tough to make money. If you are just starting out, or even if you’ve been in the game for a while, try and avoid this attitude at all costs.

Sure, it’s nice to get people to recognize your awesomeness. It feels wonderful to be known as the “guru” in certain circles. But there’s something that can give you a lot more pleasure.

And that is seeing your bank account being stuffed with cash on a monthly basis. If you get your ego out of the way, forget building any reputation, and only focus on learning some amazing skills that can make money, this is easier than you think.

After all, who would you rather be, a super rich nobody, or a world famous guru that worries about paying the rent every month?

To tap into some of the most advanced forms of persuasion and conversion ever created, then come on by our landing page today. You’ll find out how to quickly and easily increase your sales and profits.

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Keep Your Ego Out of Physical Training

If you are a martial artist, boxer, wrestler or any other type of combat athlete you have probably learned this a long time ago… or should have.

Keep your ego out of physical training!

Now don’t get me wrong… combat athletes are some of the proudest, most competitive and driven people you will ever meet.

Winning and losing is taken very seriously, because after all… it is personal.

But in order to get good at these sports… the ego must be left at the training room door.

The same is true for physical training for performance improvement of any kind.


Because if you are not willing to work on your weaknesses, and humble yourself in the process, you will never realize great improvements.

Let me ask you a question about your neighborhood gym…

Is there a guy there with a huge chest and arms with skinny, toothpick legs?

Yea, you know the guy.

Well, he got that way because he spends his training time working on his strengths and ignoring his weaknesses… and this is no way to improve over-all fitness.

Ok, another question…

Is there a gal there that spends almost all her time doing aerobic type endurance activities while completely ignoring all other types of physical training?

Yea, that’s her with the spandex body-suit and designer water bottle.

Well, she trains this way because she is focusing on her strengths and ignoring her weaknesses… and this is no way to improve over-all fitness.

If you were to ask either one of these individuals if they were fit… they would most likely say yes and then explain themselves by giving examples of their competence in the one physical ability they are strongest performing.

But I propose that fitness is not the ability to maximize one physical skill… but rather the ability to optimize all the physical skills of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness.

Exhibiting excellence in any one particular skill at the expense of all others is not fitness.

You must be willing to work on the physical skills that need the most improvement in order to realize the greatest increase in over-all fitness.

Let’s face it… some people are better than others at certain aspects of physical training.

But if you only perform the physical training for which you are naturally gifted… you are limiting your over-all fitness gains.

Leave you ego at the gym door… make it your safe haven from embarrassment.

After all… it is the place you go to get better, not show off.

Concentrate on your weaknesses even if you feel foolish and clumsy at first… you might even be surprised at how quickly those weaknesses become newfound strengths.

Do yourself a favor and learn a lesson from combat athletes… Leave your ego at the training room door.

Coach Lomax is a strength, conditioning and fitness coach dedicated to building better humans for sport, work and life. Learn more at Optimum Physical Training or take his FREE Tabata Calisthenics Workout Mini Course.
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Understanding How Our Metabolism Works To Keep Us Alive

It all comes down to energy. In order to live, walk, talk, and even sleep, we have to have energy to burn. We derive energy from the food that we eat, however, we could eat all day and not have enough energy to check the mail if our bodies do not convert this food into energy. This is where our bodies’ metabolism comes into play. Metabolism is something that occurs on a cellular level in our bodies. Our cells have to jump through a few hoops in order to convert food into energy. The process of change the cells go through to achieve this is called metabolism.

Water Keeps Everything Moving

One of the most important things that you can do to get that metabolism to move, energy to flow and cells to regenerate is to drink plenty of water. Getting our fair share of water every day is, in fact, vital to help your body metabolize the foods that we eat. Without plenty of water, the digestive system slows down and we become sluggish as our bodies draw on reserves to keep digestion moving and metabolism churning. Without water, we cannot digest foods at the rate our metabolism needs to generate energy from the foods we eat.

There are two types of metabolism going on in the body at all times, catabolism and anabolism.

* Catabolism is our bodies’ way of tearing down the nutrients we feed them and converting those nutrients to energy. When oxygen rich blood flow supplies the body’s energy molecules with the oxygen, energy occurs. Even digestion needs energy, without it, food would not process properly or quickly enough and we begin to poison ourselves.

* Anabolism occurs when our bodies’ change nutrients into live material for cells. We have to replace dying cells with live ones constantly in order to survive, otherwise, we would just waste away as our cells die off leaving nothing but a body in decomposition. When you cut yourself, your body uses anabolism to replace the muscle and tissue with live, healthy cells.

Energy And Oxygen Molecules

Again, this takes energy. This is why catabolism and anabolism are essential metabolic processes. Without energy to create new cells, we would waste away. Imagine an energy molecule in your body just sitting there, holding its energy. It is useless to us in its self-contained molecule, or shell. Then along comes an oxygen molecule, carried there by our blood. When these two molecules collide, the shell bursts, releasing its energy to be used to create more living cells. It is a fascinating process that is essential to our continued health.

What It Takes To Just Live

In order for all of this to work, we need a certain amount of calories that are derived from the foods that we eat during digestion. The minimum amount of calories that it takes to create just enough energy to perform a specific task, like throwing a ball or washing our hands is called basal metabolism. However, we also burn calories even when we do nothing at all, so, basal metabolism is the lowest level of calories needed to stay alive when we are lying down, doing nothing but breathing and thinking.

For more information please visit our CPR & First Aid Training website.
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Momma Said “Keep Your Fingers Out Of Your Mouth”

Watching television exercises our eyes but nothing else. Unfortunately, it doesn’t require us to do anything with our hands which leaves them free to grab something to eat. Then there are the food and restaurant commercials where everything is colorful and perfectly cooked. Don’t even think about watching a cooking show: the temptation to snack or get up and cook is totally irresistible.

How can we break this self-destructive cycle? Any diversion may work for a while but loses its strength with too many repetitions. The secret is to have multiple alternatives available. If one doesn’t work at any given time, try another. Mix and match as your likes, preferences, and moods dictate.


When your hands are involved in a task, it is difficult to eat. Finger foods and dull television are inextricably bound together like flies in a spider web. Some activities to tie up those hands include: sewing, knitting, giving yourself a leisurely manicure (wet nail polish is a sure fire defense against eating), water the plants.

Turn the television off and try such pursuits as model making, card playing, videogames (that require both hands on the controls), sending e-mails, embroidery, and all kinds of crafts.


To bar thoughts of food from entering our heads and whetting our tastebuds, we have to keep our minds engaged, and our attention focused, in other directions. Clear away snack foods and dig into a riveting novel — you won’t want to leave the story for anything as mundane as fixing a snack. Start a daily journal and write about your thoughts and feelings and aspirations. Tackle one of those time-consuming chores you skip in your weekly clean-up: clean out drawers, work on the car, clean the BBQ, set aside stuff to go to Goodwill or storage, restring broken necklaces or re-organize your closets. All will help to keep your mind off food and no mental image of food means no consumption of food.


Play with your kids or help them with their homework. Go for a walk with your significant other and really talk about what is going on in your separate lives. At a long, safe distance from anything edible, call your parents or an old friend.

Do these techniques work? Sometimes. With regular effort and multiple task changes to maintain interest, they can be effective. For those days when nothing seems to work and the food cravings are overwhelming, we need to bring in the “big guns” which we will discuss another time.

Dr. Bola is a psychologist and an admitted diet fanatic, specializing in therapeutic reframing and the effects of attitudes and motivation on individual goals. She is the author of a psychology-based workbook for permanent weight control. Reach her at:
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