Go for African dwarf frog for sale from nature gift store

Have you ever thought of gifting somebody or your child a frog? Have you ever gone for a frog as a pet? Well, an African dwarf frog is what you need. These small aquatic creatures are very small and they can be kept as pets and they have a long life span as well. Whatever it is, an African dwarf frog is just the thing you need to give somebody as a gift or for your own self and the African dwarf frog for sale from nature gift store are very much genuine and you can get them without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now, firstly you need to know what it is before going for the African dwarf frogs for sale. They belong to the animal kingdom and pipidae family and are amphibians by nature. They are not very long or heavy and live up to 5-20 years. There is no specific mating season for these slimy creatures. The females being larger than the male by 40 percent and they have lungs and not gills. For this very reason, they need to come out of water to breathe but they can stay underwater for very long periods of time.

Now a general question might arise that how are these frogs as pets! It is very natural for you to have this doubt in your mind whether these frogs are good for keeping them as pets as not every animal can be kept as pets back home. The answer is yes the African dwarf frogs for sale can be very easily and comfortably kept as pets without any sort of trouble or hassle. The frogs are very good swimmers and use their legs to hold and tear the large food items and into their mouth. They are papaya shaped and are normally olive green or brown in color with black dots all over their body. The frogs are not long enough and grow up to 6 cm in height and can develop natural habits in any surroundings.

Since 1960’s, when they became popular pets and trading became legal all over the world, the African dwarf frogs have been found in people’s houses. The reasons why you should have them as pets are various but most importantly,

* The low maintenance makes it easier for the users to look after them without burning a hole in their pockets.

* Lower requirements when they are judged against other amphibians

Always remember that the African clawed frogs are frequently sold speciously in the name of African dwarf frogs and these points would help you to differentiate between them properly.

* Dwarfs encompass 4 webbed feet and the clawed ones have webbed hind feet and self-directed digits in their front feet.

* Dwarfs are very active and they float on the surface of water with their limbs outstretched.

* And the African dwarf frogs they have good social nature and it is advisable for you to have two or three of them in one aquarium for a better life for them as pets.

It is better to have these things from the Nature gifts store for the most genuine animals for you to have as pets. The African dwarf frog for sale must be dealt with utmost care and strictness as you would not want to be deceived by their errors and faults.
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Body Art from a Piercing Shop Columbus Ga is an additional Form of Self-Expression

A great deal of people have the thought self expression through piercings from the piercing shop columbus ga is essential so that other folks will know their particular feelings and values. Self-expression may be accomplished in many different ways, from the approach we decide to use dress or perhaps talk to the choice of body art. While some may choose to have colors on their skin through tattoos, others decide to get body piercing to wear their own precious diamond jewelry.

It is a fact that those which have piercing are reprimanded by others. However, they will have to realize in which piercing isn’t a fresh type of art kind in the contemporary society due to the fact even our own forefathers have their particular piercing for a particular cause. People who prefer to get pierced in the piercing shop columbus ga shouldn’t be looked down upon as they are not crooks who should be approved for the points they did. Body piercing is really a self-expression method by which people might want to convey their particular courage to have the piercing process or show power they have to take hold of body art trends.

Acquiring piercing in the ear lobes has long been associated with females. These days, a lot of well-known men celebs initiated the earlobe piercing in which some have one piercing while others have a couple of. In fact, the acceptance of this type of body art will depend on that society all of us belong. If you reside in a really conventional local community, you cannot assume the majority to understand our choice to get the art. You may be regarded as outcast therefore it’s better in the event that you keep your body art passion reserve for the mean time. However, when it won’t trigger you physical and emotional harm for instance being delivered away by your parents or obtaining a unpleasant body piercing, you always have the selection and the freedom to have anybody change like piecing from an excellent piercing shop columbus ga.

People are born equal in this world in terms of making choices for body art. When you are able to afford, why must you restrict oneself from getting produced. A lot of people said that their first piercing was kind of difficult because they finished up breaking their particular 5 years of relationship because their companions opposed this particular interest. Well, clearly,they diminished their romantic relationship for their independence to get a skin art. This is not state that you should finish up just like them as well. Obtaining the body art should help make you happy forever because it is long term. It should not be the purpose to suffer depression and then put the blame on the piercing shop columbus ga for this.

If you are in fact sure you want to get your body art, go to Skintastic Art 3418 buena Vista Rd. Columbus Ga 31906 (706)507-1102.

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Body Art from a Piercing Shop Columbus Ga is yet another Form of Self-Expression

A whole lot of people have the thought that self expression through piercings from a piercing shop columbus ga is imperative so that other folks will know their own feelings and beliefs. Self-expression may be accomplished in many different ways, from the method we decide to try dress or perhaps talk to the option of body art. While some may choose to have colors on their own skin through tats, others choose to get body piercing to wear their particular precious jewelry.

It’s true that those that have piercing are ruined by other people. Nevertheless, they need to understand that piercing is not a new comer to the society today simply because even the ancestors have their piercing for a specific cause. Those who choose to be pierced by a piercing shop columbus ga really should not be frowned after because they are not really criminals who deserve to become sanctioned for what they did. Body piercing is really a self-expression method by which people might want to convey their own courage to pass through the piercing process or show astounding to accept body art trends.

Getting piercing in the hearing happens to be associated with females. However nowadays, a whole lot of popular men celebs began the earlobe piercing in which several have one piercing while some have two. In fact, the acceptance of this kind of body art will depend on that society we all belong. When you live in a quite conventional community, you cannot expect the bulk to know our own decision to have the art. You could be regarded as outsider so it’s much better if you maintain your body art passion reserve for the mean time. However, if it won’t trigger you physical and mental harm for illustration being delivered away through your parents or even obtaining a painful body piercing, you always have the selection and the freedom to acquire anybody change like piecing from an excellent piercing shop columbus ga.

People are created equal in this world in terms of making choices for body art. If you are able to afford, why should you limit yourself from obtaining developed. A great deal of people mentioned their first piercing was kind of challenging given that they break their particular five years of romantic relationship as their partners do not accept this kind of curiosity. Well, clearly,they sacrificed their relationship for their freedom to secure a skin art. This is not claim that you should resemble them too. Getting the body art need to make you content forever as it is permanent. It shouldn’t be the cause to experience depression in the conclusion and then blame the piercing shop columbus ga for it.

If you are very sure you need great body art, visit
Skintastic Art 3418 buena Vista Rd. Columbus Ga 31906 (706)507-1102 .

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Spy Mysteries and Espionage From the Golden Age Stories

Espionage, a practice where by confidential information is obtained through spying, has been considered by many as the second oldest profession in the history of man. It has been an intrinsic part of our human culture and employs clandestine, covert, illegal or unethical behavior but is viewed as survival for the groups or governments involved.

The use of espionage dates back far into ancient history from the Hebrews, ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, China and Japan, all the way up to the twentieth century. The last hundred years is of particular interest due to the sophisticated breakthroughs in technology. Spying became highly specialized in the modern world and for this reason blossoming and seasoned writers began weaving gripping and intricate plots with colorful characters, dangers lurking around every corner and exotic locales. Readers of these fiction novels could be completely spellbound, wrapped up in the story of unexpected twists and turns and shady characters. The genre of mystery and suspense was here to stay.
The Golden Age of pulp fiction contributed many great suspense filled stories including L. Ron Hubbard’s “Spy Killer,” which was published in 1936 in “Five-Novels Monthly magazine.” It is a story about Kurt Reid who is falsely accused of murder and grand larceny and flees to Shanghai. After rescuing a White Russian spy, he’s captured by the Chinese and forced into the cloak and dagger world of espionage and intrigue, where everything and everyone are not what they seem to be.
The mix of the dangerous but beautiful women, running from the Chinese in an effort to clear his name and being forced into killing a Japanese spy, is a recipe for some great reading. Hubbard seems to have a clear vision of how to weave the plots with twists and turns and really creates the flavor of the Asian culture and its people (both good and bad) that we can experience through his writing.

Reading the book itself is great but Golden Age Stories has also produced the “Spy Killer” audio book. Audio books have become popular in the last few years and are a great way to experience the full flavor of the story. The voice talents of Lori Jablons, R.F. Daley, Shane Johnson, Jim Meskimen and Tait Ruppert combined with music and cinema quality sound effects creates the experience of being there right in the heart of the action and gives you the full experience. The audio books are great for the commutes to work or making those long vacation drives more fun or just to enjoy at home.

Stories from the Golden Age is reprinting “Spy Killer” as one of the 153 of Hubbard’s stories in 80 volumes that have been reproduced in their original format, as both a paperback using original pulp artwork and inside illustrations and audio book collections.
These stories, some written almost eighty years ago, are part of the pulp fiction era where many great writers began their careers such as Agatha Christie, Edward Stratemeyer who wrote the “Hardy Boys” and “Nancy Drew mysteries”, Dashiell Hammett’s, “The Maltese Falcon”, Raymond Chandler’s “Fair Well my Lovely” and of course L. Ron Hubbard’s “Spy Killer.” This and other stories have an entire new generation of people who can be introduced to the classic stories from the golden age. Enjoy!

Fred Duckworth is working to reintroduce Stories From the Golden Age, a line of 80 books and multi-cast, unabridged audio books, featuring 153 stories written by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1930s and 1940s, using his own and any of the 15 pen names he used. To view the trailer of “Spy Killer” click
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The Art of Public Speaking From One of Its Masters

Millions of people consider public speaking a fate worse than death. But if you occupy any type of leadership position it’s inevitable that you’re going to be asked to stand up before a group – large or small – to deliver a speech.

The careers of most executives advance or stall based on how well they communicate in a variety of forms. Public speaking performances are the riskiest of all, but they also give you a chance to make a very big impact. Being a sought-after public speaker gives you and your company a cachet that would otherwise be absent.

When you do speak publicly you want your voice to be brimming with confidence and power. One of the best places to look for guidance in these matters is the late Jack Valenti, former chief of staff to President Lyndon Johnson but better know in the latter portion of his life as chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Society of America.

Suave and silver-tongued, Valenti was renowned for his public speaking abilities. Whether donned in a tuxedo for the Academy Awards or in a basic business suit for his many appearances on the rubber-chicken circuit, he always presented himself and his thoughts flawlessly.

Valenti was so well known for his talents at the podium that he wrote a book on the subject titled Speak Up with Confidence.

It might surprise you to know that Jack Valenti preached that 20 minutes was the absolute maximum for any speech. That’s quite a contrast to the politicians and keynote speakers of all stripes who routinely devour a full hour of the audience’s time. Valenti believed in economy. It is best to leave an audience wanting more, not glancing at their watches and negotiating with their bladders.

Valenti also memorized all of his speeches, just as stage actors commit their scripts to memory, so he could enunciate them without using notes.

He was full of many good ideas for turning people into effective public speakers. Here are some of his core suggestions:

>> While drafting your speech, keep the paragraphs short.

>> Limit each paragraph to just one topic.

>> Put two spaces between each graph so they stand on their own.

>> Make the first sentence of each graph the key line that opens the door to the rest of what you have to say on that topic, and have these key lines absolutely fixed in your mind. That way, even if you can’t remember the full paragraph you’ll be able to improvise based on the opening line.

>> To memorize your speech, repeat aloud the first two paragraphs over and over until committed to memory. After that turn your attention to the next two graphs and do the same until they’re also etched in your mind. Then put the first four paragraphs together and articulate them repeatedly until memorized. Continue adding two graphs at a time.

>> You’ll quickly be able to speak with confidence the first six paragraphs of the speech. “A strange thing happens as you go about this,” Valenti says. “As you gain confidence in your ability to remember, the speed with which the speech progresses picks up considerably. You begin making measurable progress. The memorization becomes less drudging and less daunting. Your exhilaration level rises rapidly.”

>> Read your entire speech two or three times, then read each paragraph over and over by themselves. Do this, he says, because the mind is like a camera. You can lift your gaze from the paper and almost see the paragraph in your retina while looking towards the audience. It’s the “photographing” of each paragraph that will make you a good or great speaker.

>> Consider underlining or using capital letters to emphasize key words or ideas.

>> Use dashes to indicate where you should pause. There are likely to be many dashes because that’s what gives your speech the kind of rhythm and pacing that takes it to a higher level.

>> Use strategic pauses to verbally lift out special phrases that help add emphasis and understanding to the points you’re making.

>> Speak into a recorder to practice your vocal intonations and rhythm.

>> Rehearse in front of a mirror to practice making eye contact.

>> Time yourself to keep track of the length of your speech.

>> Keep your speech short so you can finish with a “climax opportunity.” In other words, stop talking when your listeners want and expect you to keep going.

>> Remember, the shorter the speech the greater your odds of success, according to Valenti, because it’s difficult to make a bad speech out of a short speech.

>> Pick out several audience members and speak directly to them. Otherwise audience members will eventually notice that you’re just gazing out at a formless mass rather than connecting with people.

>> When you make eye contact your nervousness will fade because your speech becomes a one-on-one conversation, which is our natural manner of speaking.

>> Believability is more easily attained when you appear to be speaking for yourself, rather than mouthing words like a ventriloquist’s dummy. For that reason, Valenti suggests delivering your speech without notes rather than reading from prepared text. “Speaking without notes is the most powerful form of communication,” Valenti writes in his book. “You have full command of the audience and nothing to interfere with what you’re saying. You’re looking at the audience … with no paper barriers.”

>> Once you have the entire speech assembled, repeat it during informal opportunities. Valenti would repeat his speeches in the car, the shower, etc. He usually kept a copy handy so if memory failed he could glance at the written text.

>> Don’t stress if you accidentally leave something out. Your audience won’t know anything’s been omitted.

>> It’s especially important to speak directly to your audience while delivering your final paragraph. That final point should be an “interlocking embrace between you and your audience” with no distractions – not even a fleeting glance at your notes.

Implicit in all this advice is Jack Valenti’s steadfast belief that being thoroughly prepared is the best insurance policy against stage fright and poor performance.

Mike Consol is president of (, which provides business writing seminars, PowerPoint presentation skills training, Web 2.0 strategies and media training. Consol spent 17 years with American City Business Journals, the nation’s largest publisher of business journals.

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Inspirational Thought Comes From Within

Those who are gifted with the power of inspirational thought get it from within themselves but it doesn’t happen by accident. There is a method and a means to achieving this energy that can be had by anyone, no matter who you are. The power of inspirational thought comes from inside of each person no matter what their age, race, gender or personality type. All that is required is a determination to sit still and look deep inside yourself.

When most people decide to sit still and close their eyes, they see a series of thoughts and emotions flashing past their minds eye that seems virtually uncontrollable. Various ideas and thoughts may pop into your head which have absolutely no meaning and yet, you cannot stop the mind from running endlessly. As you continue to sit still and watch your thoughts and emotions, you will tend to lose track of what you are doing and get lost in your thoughts and feelings. If you manage to pay attention and watch yourself for a short period of time, you will see that you have very little control over what goes through your mind and when. Very few people can stand to sit still for very long and practice this. They tend to get bored or anxious or uncomfortable and they quickly open their eyes and go find something else to do. Why can’t we sit still? What is bothering us so much that we always have to be moving around doing something each moment? DO we need more money? Do we need to talk to someone? Are we lonely or needing some form of entertainment every moment to keep ourselves happy? Very few people can actually stand to sit still with themselves and be contented. In fact, this power is something that many spiritual students strive for each day and is the source of everything that is inspirational in the world.

Inspiration to do great things comes from within but few people are actually capable of looking within themselves for any significant amount of time. Their attention is always thrown by one thought or another and they are back to doing the same old things that they have always done their entire life. If you are able to discipline yourself, however, to learn to sit still and to watch your thoughts and emotions as they pass by your minds eye, you will eventually become familiar with something very powerful deep within yourself. The energy of observation is a consciousness that exists inside of you and is actually the source of all your happiness and sadness, your joy and your anger, your fears and desires. It is the underlying source of everything you have ever experienced and it is an infinite energy which creates all the inspirational thoughts of the world.

As you devote yourself to practicing this new game, try to notice all the times when you feel like getting up and stopping this practice. Watch how your mind kicks and fights to gain control of you and to stop you from learning to be content with who you already are. Your ego doesn’t want you to sit still and it will throw up every fear and rationalization it can invent just to get you out of your chair and back out into the rat race that you call “life”. The real inspirational thoughts are the ones that come from deep inside your soul and can only be found through a lot of “soul searching”. Search inside yourself each day for a certain amount of time and don’t let your mind shake you from this task no matter what it may tell you is more important than this. Searching your soul is the most important thing you could ever decide to do but also the most challenging as well. Devote yourself to win at this game and you will soon discover an inspirational energy inside of you that you never knew existed. You will become one of the people who can deliver the inspirational thoughts that you have always hoped to find in other people.

Gary Miller was the World’s Leading expert on Negative Thinking until he lost approximately Million Dollars because of a lifetime of negative thinking. To learn more about his Journey to a Positive Thinking Recovery and weekly FREE Positive Thinking techniques, you can visit his web site at:
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Get The Most From Your Rain Wear

When it comes to the work wear we use to protect ourselves from the cold and wetness of the rain, we often choose popular choices because they have a history of reliability and professionalism. We use rain wear to protect us, but we also want to be able to easily do our tasks without being over burdened by unnecessary weight. That is why we always prefer something that is lightweight but gets the job done.

There are many popular manufacturers that offer appropriate rain wear. These companies have a history for variety as well as excellent. One such company is Port Authority and another just happens to be Dickies. There are even more choices available to you when you need professional, lightweight and heavy duty rain wear for your needs.

What can you expect when you choose the best in rain wear? What are some of the popular choices?

When it comes to getting the most out of your rain wear, you should first and foremost insure your rain wear is not subjected to the harsh rays of the sun. Always store this apparel out of the light whether hanging in a closet or folded neatly in a box. If you happen to store yours in a vehicle, you should provide appropriate storage to insure you get the most out of the life of your gear.

You will also want to rinse off or cleanse your rain apparel. While the weather can seem nice, it is not always clean. Cleansing your apparel is as simple as spraying off with a hose or washing with a mild soap and rinsing with warm water. If you cleanse your apparel, you will find that it stays better for longer. You will be guaranteed the maximum life out of your protective apparel.

There are times various types of this protective clothing. Whether you are using this for work or for your own pleasure, you will find that you will find appropriate styles and choices depending on the need.

You can get rain jackets which are great if you happen to be going out in the rain. Of course, this often elicits images of yesteryear with the big yellow jacket and a pair of goulashes. This is not always the case today, and you will discover a wide variety of choices for you when you choose to use these in your life. They are easy to store, easy to wear, and often have additional pockets adding to the functionality and versatility.

There are ponchos that will add to your protection from the elements. Of course, these are super easy to wear and super easy to put on and remove. Sometimes, there will be arm slots and sometimes they will simply go over the head. These are a popular choice for many people, and these are popular choices for disposable protection from the elements.

No matter what you choose for protecting yourself from the elements, you will find companies such as Port Authority and Dickies offer you the maximum protection at a minimal price. You decide what you need, and you get more than you expect.

Max Johnson of The Uniform Connection. Click for more Rain Wear apparel.
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Wealth Generation From Infinite Income Plan

The first impulse to finding ways to make money online for any net savvy person would be hit a search engine. Much of the sites you will be likely to come across will be success stories of people who have made millions online! So how do we know what to choose from if the success stories are anything to go by? We have website makers, bloggers, to job search sites, chat or social forums and gatherings, the list is endless. What you really need to know is how these choices make money and how the payments are done.

The easiest way to make money online is to select a choice that does not require you to have products, pays cash, does not require an investment or a domain for hosting and require very little time input that immediately translates to cash. So how do I go about choosing what’s best for me? I may have an abundance of techno-knowledge but my marketing skills are wanting, or vice versa. That is the first major step.

Personal Skills
You need to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Based on that, you need to make a conscious decision on what choice to make. I would not expect you to choose to make a social website if you have no website development skills. Or buy and sell stuff from auction sites when you have no marketing skills. It comes from being honest to yourself and making a choice that suits you. Don’t just pick the next big choice that wants you to deposit a fee and promises instant profit by the hundreds. Preferably read much on your choice and find out the pros and cons of it.

Some say that the easiest way to make money is to start your own blog. It is one of the easiest if you follow the steps that they give to make one, and you don’t need any web development skills, but the content that you choose for your blog is what makes it profitable. You could just choose to put adverts onto the blog and get paid for it. Or you can choose a debatable, catchy topic that makes people want to contribute, start by informing most of your online friends and grow from there.

Whatever you choose make sure that it is enjoyable, brings in a substantial amount of cash and has room for growth. It should also be informative to you and to others and its content should make any person want to be associated with it. It’s the number of hits that count at the end of the day.

Instant income plan is the best income opportunity which reveals the secrets of wealth generation from internet home based business. Find out more about the exciting infinite income plan and earn fast cash in minimal time at
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Invest in Order Fulfillment Software and Gain from its Benefits

Wikipedia defines supply chain as “a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.” Supply chain management is managing different networks of interconnected businesses involved in delivering the products or services to the end customers.

Today customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are the crucial factors that determine the survival of any enterprise or organization. Customer retention depends a lot on how well order fulfillment has been carried out and hence of the different processes within a supply chain, order fulfillment is the most important business process. Order fulfillment refers to the activities involved from the moment an order is placed to the time when the order has been delivered to the customer.

Since customer satisfaction is highly necessary for companies and organization to fast track their business success, enterprises must invest in order fulfillment software to ensure customer satisfaction as well as loyalty. The order fulfillment software provides automation, control, visibility, and integration thereby making things easier for companies to manage order and delivery.

· Automation
The software automatically manages distribution of all goods from manufacturing sites, warehouses to customer sites.

· Control
It controls the complete logistics flow i.e. from data warehousing, business intelligence, booking transport on the web, printing transport documentation and labels to delivery, dispatch, and the flow of returns.

· Visibility
Since everything happens automatically it provides greater visibility as to what is happening in the flow and when it is happening. This helps to plan logistics effectively, cut down costs in supply chains, and reduce lead times.

· Integration
The software integrates all the collaborating participants in the order fulfillment value network.

Important Benefits of Order Fulfillment Software
As mentioned above, it provides end-to-end automation, control and visibility of the important activities between buyers, sellers and suppliers. It provides enterprises and companies functionality on three levels namely operational, tactical and strategic levels. Hence, what the companies and organizations get is an optimized order management system with pro-active process monitoring, multi-criteria end-to-end search, and supplier contract management.

Most IT departments fail to attain scalability and flexibility as far as order fulfillment process is concerned. But thanks to its standardization, automation and robust virtualization of networks, servers, storage, and applications, order fulfillment software provide companies with on-demand scalability and flexibility.

With effective order fulfillment software, companies can not only reduce logistics cost, number of warehouses, environmental impact, and transport invoice charges considerably but also gain from automated processing and real time visibility.

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History of ICC cricket world cup from 1975 to 2015

The Men’s Cricket World Cup was first held in 1975 as a 60 over game with six balls per over. The first world cup event was hosted by England the only nation able to put forward the resources to stage an event of such magnitude.

The first three world cup events (1975 to 1983) was hosted by England and officially known as Prudential Cup after the name of sponsors.

1975 World Cup:

In this event 8 teams (India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies, England, Srilanka and a composite team from East Africa) had participated among 6 are Test playing nations at that time, where Srilanka and East Africa are non-Test playing nations. This tournament was won by West Indies after defeating Australia by a margin of 17 runs.

Clive Lloyd had performed well in final match by scoring 102 runs (85 balls, 12 fours, 2 sixes) and he was awarded as player of the match.

Leading run scorer: Glenn Turner (333 runs) of New Zealand

Leading wicket taker: Gary Gilmour (11 wickets)

Winners: West Indies.

Runners: Australia.

Semi-Finalists: England, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies.

First Prudential cup was lifted by West Indies captain Clive Lloyd.

1979 World Cup:

1979 world cup was second edition of this tournament which hosted by England and this event was held from 9 to 23 June. Format of this event remain unchanged from 1975. Eight Countries (India, West Indies, Australia, England, Pakistan, SriLanka, New Zealand and Canada) participated in this event.

The preliminary matches were played in 2 groups. The top 2 teams from each group played the semifinals, the winners of semis played finals.

West Indies captain lifted the prudential cup for the second time after defeating England. West Indies score was 286/9 and England got out for 194. Vivian Richards had played a tremendous innings for his team scoring 138 runs.

Leading run scorer: Gordon Greenidge (253 runs)

Leading wicket taker: Mike Hendrick (10 wickets)

Winners: West Indies.

Runners: England.

Semi-Finalists: England, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies.

1983 World Cup:

The World Cup which changed the destiny of Indian Cricket. This World Cup was held from 9 June to 23 June 1983 in England.

Zimbabwe was the new team entered into this World Cup. Eight teams participated in this tournament. 1983 tournament was full of dramatic cricket right from the beginning. Small teams like India (in 1983 India was a small team) and Zimbabwe registered wins against strong teams like Australia and West Indies.

Under the captaincy of Kapil Dev India won this event after defeating West Indies in final. In final match Vivian Richards catch which was taken by Kapil Dev was considered as greatest catch of all time.

In final India lost the toss and asked to bat against West Indies which as world’s best bowling attack. India scored just 183 runs in 60 overs which was considered as low total. But surprisingly West Indies bowled out for just 140 runs. Amarnath showed his great performance by picking up 3 wickets and scoring 26 runs who was awarded as player of the match.

Leading run scorer: David Gower (384 runs) of England

Leading wicket taker: Roger Binny (18 wickets) of India

Winners: India.

Runners: West Indies.

Semi-Finalists: England, Pakistan, India, West Indies.

Kapil Dev lifted the world cup for the time and India was the 2nd nation to get world cup.

1987 World Cup:

This event was hosted by India and Pakistan. This is the 4th edition of world cup and it is also known as Reliance World Cup. This event was held from 8 October to 8 November 1987 which was the first event outside England. Eight teams participated in this event and this event was won by Australia after defeating England by 7 runs. Allan Border was the captain for Australian team. DC Boon (Australia) was awarded player of the match.

60 overs were reduced to 50 overs in this event. Two host nation’s India and Pakistan failed to reach finals.

Leading run scorer: Graham Gooch (471 runs) of England

Leading wicket taker: Craig MC Dermott (18 wickets) of Australia

Winners: Australia.

Runners: England.

Semi-Finalists: England, Pakistan, India, Australia.

1992 World Cup:

This was the 5th edition of world cup which was organised by ICC (International Cricket Council). It was held in Australia and New Zealand from 22 February to 25 March.

The format was changed from previous editions. The initial draw was released with eight teams and around 28 round-robin matches. In 1991

South Africa was readmitted to ICC after long years of apartheid. The revised draw included 36 league matches, two semi-finals and finals. Total 9 teams participated in this event.

The rule for calculating the target score for the team batting second when affected by rain also changed. This world cup was won by Pakistani team under the captaincy of Imran Khan.

Man of the Series award was introduced in this tournament.

Leading run scorer: Martin Crowe (456 runs) of Australia

Leading wicket taker: Wasim Akram (18 wickets) of Pakistan

Winners: Pakistan.

Runners: England.

Semi-Finalists: England, Pakistan, India, Australia.

Man of the series: MD Growe

Player of the match: Wasim Akram

1996 World Cup:

This world cup is also known as wills world cup after its sponsors. This world cup was organised by ICC and hosted by India, Pakistan and SriLanka. Nine teams participated in this world cup which was won by SriLanka after defeating Australia. The SriLankan team was captained by Arjuna Ranatunga. Several changes like field restrictions in first 15 overs, white color ball were introduced in this tournament. Aravinda de Silva delivered tremendous knock of 107 runs to win this event, he was awarded as man of the match.

Leading run scorer: Sachin Tendulkar (523 runs) of India

Leading wicket taker: Anil Kumble (15 wickets) of India

Winners: SriLanka.

Runners: Australia.

Semi-Finalists: SriLanka, West Indies, India, Australia.

Man of the series: Sanath Jayasuriya from SriLanka

1999 World Cup:

This seventh edition of World Cup was hosted by England some games were hosted in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Netherlands. New teams like Bangladesh, Kenya and Scotland were qualified to this event through ICC trophy. 12 teams participated in this event.

This World Cup was won by Australia after defeating Pakistan by 8 wickets. In this Event 12 teams were divided in to 2 groups, where each team in the group played all the others in the group during the league stage. Top three teams from each group moved to super sixes,a new concept introduced in 1999 world cup. Shane Warne was awarded as man of the match.

Leading run scorer: Rahul Dravid (462 runs) of India

Leading wicket taker: Shane Warne (20 wickets) of Australia

Winners: Australia.

Runners: Pakistan.

Semi-Finalists: South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, Australia.

Player of the tournament: Lance Klusner of South Africa.

2003 World Cup:

2003 world cup was co-hosted by South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and organised by ICC. This tournament featured 14 teams, the largest no.of teams in any world cup. The format followed in 1999 cup was followed in this world cup. Kenya entered in to semifinals in this tournament after defeating strong teams like New Zealand, SriLanka. Top teams South Africa, Pakistan, West Indies, England failed to cross group stage.

This event was won by Australia who won all 11 matches in this tournament, beating India in the finals in Johannesburg. This was Australia’s 3rd world cup. Ricky Ponting played a tremendous innings in finals who was awarded as man o the match.

Leading run scorer: Sachin Tendulkar (462 runs) of India.

Leading wicket taker: Chaminda Vass (23 wickets) of SriLanka.

Winners: Australia.

Runners: India.

Semi-Finalists: India, SriLanka, Kenya, Australia.

Player of the tournament: Sachin Tendulkar of India.

2007 World cup:

ICC 2007 world cup was hosted by West Indies, from 13 March to 28 April 2007. 16 teams participated in this tournament were they are divided in to 4 groups, with the two top teams in each group enter in super eight. Top teams like India, Pakistan returned to home in group stage after loosing with small teams Bangladesh and Ireland. Ire Land entered in to super eight stage after defeating Pakistan. Australia and Srilanka entered in to final where Australia won the final match. Adam Gilchrist unbeatable knock of 149 runs in 104 balls, who is awarded as man of the match made Australia win comfortably. This is the third consecutive world cup for Australia, second in Ricky Ponting’s captaincy.

Leading run scorer: Matthew Hayden (659 runs) of Australia.

Leading wicket taker: Glen MC Grath (26 wickets) of Australia.

Winners: Australia.

Runners: Sri Lanka.

Semi-Finalists: South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia.

Player of the tournament: Matthew Hayden of Australia.

2011 World Cup:

The ICC 2011 world cup was the 10th cricket world cup co-hosted by India, Bangladesh, Srilanka. 14 national cricket teams took part in this event. This tournament was held from 19th February to 2nd April.

This tournament was won by India after 28 years under the captaincy of M.S.Dhoni. The final match was played between India and Srilanka in which India won by 6 wickets and Dhoni was awarded as man of the match. In this tournament India won against Pakistan in semifinals in which Tendulkar was awarded as man of the match. It was the first final with out Australia since 1996.

Leading run scorer: Dilshan (500 runs) of SriLanka.

Leading wicket taker: Zaheer Khan (22 wickets) of India.

Winners: India.

Runners: SriLanka.

Semi-Finalists: India, SriLanka, New Zealand, Pakistan.

Player of the tournament: Yuvraj Singh of India with 362 runs and 15 wickets.

2015 World Cup:

This was the 11th edition of ICC cricket world cup jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. 14 teams participated in this world cup, same as 2011. The format was same as 2011 format where 14 teams are divided into 2 groups seven of each group and top four teams from each group qualified for quarter-finals. ICC reinstated the use of the super over for world cup Final match finishes as tie.

This tournament was won by Australia for the fifth time after beating New Zealand who entered in to Finals for the first time. Clarke was the captain for Australian team.

Leading run scorer: Martin Guptil (547 runs) of New Zealand.

Leading wicket taker: Mitchell Starc (22 wickets) of Australia.

Winners: Australia.

Runners: New Zealand.

Semi-Finalists: India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

Player of the match – JP Faulkner (Australia)

Player of the series – MA Starc (Australia).

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