Does Gravity Apply To A Physics Teacher Salary?

Most, if not all, students can lay claim to a teacher or two who bore some influence in their passage through education. Perhaps one who opened up their minds to the laws of physics or another who gave them insight into the works of Shakespeare. There are probably countless cases of teachers and students passing through numerous generations of teaching and learning, having cause and effect upon one another’s lives.

If one is moved or called into the teaching profession with a penchant for science, many opportunities await suitably trained applicants to fill vacant positions in schools throughout the nation. As the need stretches across all disciplines of science, one can step up to the challenge of being a Physics teacher. Salary, as expected, is a matter of great interest in line with one’s passion for Newton and his laws. Due to the spread of the teaching community over numerous states and economical influences, the ability of employers to pay also differs. In more affluent environments such as prominent establishments in larger cities, their teaching staff probably receive a higher pay check as compared to the motley crew of a science department in a lesser developed neighborhood. Although this may topple the scales of injustice, it is an apparent fact that may not see much change as yet.

In the event one is based in an environment of latter mention, there is still hope to pursue this career without having to resort to living on air, water and sunshine. By studying and obtaining a specialty within the discipline, one can draw a specialist physics teacher salary. This presents an opportunity to delve deeper into the laws of physics as most are qualified to only cover the general aspects. Opting for a contractual appointment may present offers of a better package. Alternatively, part time teaching opportunities are aplenty for those who prefer to keep their day jobs and conduct remedial science classes after hours.

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 March 29th, 2017  
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7 Ways on How to Apply the Right Choices

These will help you implement the right choices. We consciously and unconsciously, choose what we see as reality every day. Choices give us the power and responsibility to choose how we respond to life. Life does not just happen. We can choose to create beauty in our world and express our gifts and talents for the benefit of other around us.

1. We have been given a Free will.

It’s not the circumstances that determine how your life will be, but it is how you respond to that particular situation- the choices you make at any given time.

We all have a free will. We don’t have to give the free hand to our impulses, fear and habits. We can take charge over a situation by making the right choice and also by choosing to react in a different way. We cannot do much about the situation, but we certainly can make a choice how all the details will affect our life. Complaining doesn’t bring us anywhere, so exercise your will and steer the situation in the right direction.

2. You must make a choice to take action.

Decisions are not made with words but with actions. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have made a choice and decide to go into a certain direction without realizing it. So, when we write down our goals; we have to make a clear choice to follow up on those goals. This takes action. When you don’t plan, you plan to fail. Action is very, very important. Any action or inaction has consequences. Your willingness to accept these consequences, gives you the power and freedom to choose who you are, where you are and what you do. That is when life changes from an obligation to a blessed opportunity.

3. Make a choice to choose your path.

We are always influenced by forces from outside, but we are making the decision to resist or to give in. If you go for instant gratification, then will the consequences of your choices most likely guide you back at the place where you started. One choice could lead you to full of blessings in your life while the other leads you to a hard road with lots of tests and struggles. What you sow you will reap. You sow life, you will reap life.

4. Commit to it.

Unless you realize you have the power to say no, you can never really say yes. To your relationships. To your work. To your life. To anything. Only when you have sufficient self-worth to choose whether to end something of value to you can you fully commit to it. When you do not “have to” do something out of commitment, guilt or responsibility, but passionately choose to “want to” do something out of desire or happiness then you can fully commit to it.

5. Look further.

Realize that your choices affect the world around you – people that you haven’t even met. Realize now what choices you can make that will help people around you and even your community.

6. Making choices for others.

Be careful when you make choices for others. No doubt your intention is good, but assuming too much responsibility for others deprives them of the lessons that arise from the choices they have made. Those in pain need our compassion and support, but if we carry the weight for them, we rob them of their strength and self-respect.

7. Don’t change everything at once.

When you finally realize that you have the power to change your directions in any moment, you might see attractive alternatives to a lot of situations in your life. You may feel tempted to change your relationship, your career, or any area of your life that feels difficult or frustrating. Some of the choices you make may be appropriate or even long overdue, but the best choice often means taking responsibility for where you are right now and participating fully and intentionally.

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 January 9th, 2017  
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What Can Life Insurance Companies Ask You When You Apply?

Life insurance companies are in business to make money – not lose money. They charge premiums to their customers to cover all their operating costs and benefit payouts. Their key determinant of how much to charge is based on mortality tables. These tables statistically predict how long a person will live.

Mortality tables are based on all sorts of factors that influence a person’s life expectancy. Companies must determine how much to charge each person they insure based on these factors. So they can ask you about anything they feel is relevant to assigning an appropriate mortality risk to you. Their risk is assigning you a statistical life expectancy that’s too long for your actual circumstances. In that case they would not collect sufficient premiums from you to pay your death benefit since you would ‘statistically’ die earlier than they had planned.

Underwriting factors are aspects about you that the company must find out to assure you’re assigned to a life expectancy appropriate to your true health status. These factors include age, health, family health history, health-related habits, occupation, and more. Let’s consider some…

They may have you take a physical exam – but not necessarily. But even if they don’t, they’ll require you to answer some broad health questions in your application. Higher insurance payouts usually require a physical exam. Here are some questions you may be asked, and why.

*Do you have heart disease, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc.?

Such diseases clearly shorten life expectancy. Having some relatively recent medical history – i.e. doctor examinations – showing any diagnoses and/or treatment of such diseases is important in appraising your health status. If your condition can’t be risk-compensated by an appropriate rate adjustment, a company may simply turn you down.

*Is there a family history of fatal disease?

Family-related diseases have statistical relevance to your mortality statistics. It’s a genetic connection. So the company is not limited to knowing about just your own health record. Examples of relevant family diseases are: Huntington’s Disease, heart disease, stroke, Sickle Cell Anemia.

*Can Insurance Companies Use Genetic Testing For Life Insurance Applications?

Yes. Current technology has extended the ‘family history’ issue to checking your genetic proclivities by genetic testing of your blood. So some companies have begun looking at your chromosomes for evidence that you have inherited genes that have been linked to various diseases.

The above questions relate to aspect about your genetic make up that you can do little about. But there are other questions they’ll ask about behavior that can shorten your life. Here are some.

*Do you use tobacco products?

Statistics show that smoking shortens life expectancy. So they’ll charge higher rates for smokers – to offset shorter premium paying years.

*Do you have a dangerous job?

Dangerous implies such jobs statistically increase your risk of dying. Dangerous job examples are: test pilot, race car driver, coal miner, sky diver.

*Have you been cited for drunk driving?

Driving drunk is dangerous behavior. But beyond this, it may trigger questions about alcohol abuse and disease too.

Yes, insurance companies do ask you questions about everything that can affect your health status. They need to get the correct answers so they can stay in business.

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 August 25th, 2016  
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How To Apply For ING Life Insurance Online And Over The Telephone

ING Life Insurance understands the needs and requirements of people searching for life cover and offer personalized service to help you locate the most suitable life cover offer. When it comes to rate comparisons the detail of the costs will be fully explained when buying life insurance and they will assist you in finding the best and most affordable offer. In order to make the right choice, you can benefit from ING’s detailed and in-depth research with regards to all the products of other insurance players in the market. The services offered are at no extra cost when searching for a life insurance package that is line with your needs.
1. There are various different ways you can apply for life insurance, and before signing up for a policy, be sure you understand the terms and conditions and exactly what you are covered for. Be sure that the ING life insurance offers adequate cover for you and your family. If you are not sure then you can speak to one of the planners or financial advisors that do not have a vested interest in any particular product.
2. You will need to fill out an application form and provide the company with your personal particulars such as name, age and also answer the medical questionnaire. There is two quick ways in which to make application either over the phone whereby you answer question of which the response is recorded onto an electronic application. Or you can go directly online and fill in the application online and submit directly.
3. An underwriting decision is provided almost immediately, as a major life insurance company such as ING have software specifically for this purpose. This means your life insurance cover will be in place the same day you apply for it.
4. One of the biggest advantages of completing and application either over the phone or online is that you can apply no matter where you live in Australia as people from all communities have access to either a phone or the internet.
5. When completing your ING life insurance application form you will need to supply information such as your weight and height, details of how much you smoke or drink, your doctors name and details, the medical history of your family, your full medical history which includes medications, illnesses and injuries, you banking details and/or credit card details.
6. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes for you to complete and application form online or via telephone, depending on your medical history. If applying online, once you have started the process and need to verify any other information, you have the option to save your application by simply clicking save at the end of the page.
Before applying for ING life insurance it is important that you read all the relevant information, terms and conditions, or you may find that your family is not covered in the event of your death due to not meeting the insurance company’s criteria.

 August 5th, 2016  
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