Go for African dwarf frog for sale from nature gift store

Have you ever thought of gifting somebody or your child a frog? Have you ever gone for a frog as a pet? Well, an African dwarf frog is what you need. These small aquatic creatures are very small and they can be kept as pets and they have a long life span as well. Whatever it is, an African dwarf frog is just the thing you need to give somebody as a gift or for your own self and the African dwarf frog for sale from nature gift store are very much genuine and you can get them without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now, firstly you need to know what it is before going for the African dwarf frogs for sale. They belong to the animal kingdom and pipidae family and are amphibians by nature. They are not very long or heavy and live up to 5-20 years. There is no specific mating season for these slimy creatures. The females being larger than the male by 40 percent and they have lungs and not gills. For this very reason, they need to come out of water to breathe but they can stay underwater for very long periods of time.

Now a general question might arise that how are these frogs as pets! It is very natural for you to have this doubt in your mind whether these frogs are good for keeping them as pets as not every animal can be kept as pets back home. The answer is yes the African dwarf frogs for sale can be very easily and comfortably kept as pets without any sort of trouble or hassle. The frogs are very good swimmers and use their legs to hold and tear the large food items and into their mouth. They are papaya shaped and are normally olive green or brown in color with black dots all over their body. The frogs are not long enough and grow up to 6 cm in height and can develop natural habits in any surroundings.

Since 1960’s, when they became popular pets and trading became legal all over the world, the African dwarf frogs have been found in people’s houses. The reasons why you should have them as pets are various but most importantly,

* The low maintenance makes it easier for the users to look after them without burning a hole in their pockets.

* Lower requirements when they are judged against other amphibians

Always remember that the African clawed frogs are frequently sold speciously in the name of African dwarf frogs and these points would help you to differentiate between them properly.

* Dwarfs encompass 4 webbed feet and the clawed ones have webbed hind feet and self-directed digits in their front feet.

* Dwarfs are very active and they float on the surface of water with their limbs outstretched.

* And the African dwarf frogs they have good social nature and it is advisable for you to have two or three of them in one aquarium for a better life for them as pets.

It is better to have these things from the Nature gifts store for the most genuine animals for you to have as pets. The African dwarf frog for sale must be dealt with utmost care and strictness as you would not want to be deceived by their errors and faults.
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The African Dung Beetles

Beetles make up the largest order in the whole animal kingdom, approximately 300,000 species have been discovered. Dung beetle belongs to the family scarabaeidae together with rhino beetles. In Africa there are about 2000 species of dung beetles. Dung beetles were associated with resurrection in ancient Egypt, due to their behavior of burying dung and themselves and reemerging a couple of months later. Symbols of dung beetle were therefore placed in tombs in the belief that the deceased will be resurrected. Males carry horns, which serve the function of impressing females. The front part of the tooth is toothless; this serrated edge is used to cut out dung.

The front arms are toothed and used as digging instruments. The thorax is well developed to aid in flying and digging. Dung beetle have antennae, which are covered with sensory organs, these are fanned out are used by beetle to smell the air for dung. The mount parts are highly adapted to feeding on dung, they act like a filtering brush when feeding, discarding the unwanted bits. The hind legs are bowed and longer for ball rolling.

Males usually initiate ball rolling in the ball rolling type. After cutting the ball away, he moves away from the pile of dung and secrets a pheromone to attract the female. once a female have been attracted by the scent ,she will make some adjustments to the dung ball and then either follow the follow the male, or perch on top of the ball. In doing so the female, conserves much needed energy for the brood stage .a suitable site is located, often under a bush and the dung ball is buried. At this stage, mating takes places over a period of two to three days. The male then abandons the brood and then returns to normal activities.

The females takes the ball apart and removes the sticks ,stones ,etc and rebuilds it, leaving a chimney in the top of the ball vents for the larvae, which digs down into the ball and breathe through the event .larvae emerges and remain in the dung ball for four to five months until the dung beetle finally emerges. The females feeds on fungus growing on the dung ball, this serves to clean the ball. The larvae do not defecate in the ball, they store their feaces in a fermentation chamber and use the fermented dung to plaster their ball as it begins to show signs of weakness.

Dung beetles are divided in four main types namely; telecoprids , paracoprids, endocoprids and kleptocoprids.The rollers (telecoprids) make up only 10%of dung beetles found In Africa. They get balls of dung away from the dung heap as quickly as possible to avoid the competition, sometimes it takes only thirty seconds to cut out a suitable ball. Some of these balls roll a food ball and a separate and lager brood ball. Most roll backward, some forwards.

The tunnellers (paracoprids)are active during the early evening and night. They emerge from the ground and can measure light intensity, once the desired conditions are present and the beetle emerges like a rocket and searches for food. Once located it tunnels under the dung and constructs a series of tunnels under heap into which it rounded balls of dung are stored and used. The dwellers (endocoprids) live in the dung heap itself and also cut out balls of dung. These species are well adapted to cold, dry conditions where the ground is hard. kleptocoprids steal other dung beetles balls and roll them as their own.

Dung beetles are of great significance since they constructs tunnels network underground, this aerates the ground .They fertilize the ground by spreading the dung out and burying it. They also prevent flies and maggots and other parasites from breeding in the dung, in vast numbers by dispersing it within a couple of hours, thus preventing the spread of deadly diseases. They also control human feaces where about 40,000 tons of waste are buried by dung beetles. Livestock also dependent on dung beetles, which protect them against flies ,parasites like worms ,and against ticks.

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African American Males: Deciding Best Careers Choices and What Their Future Holds

The current economic climate has generated an ill wind over the job market of the country and hampered decisions for African Americans, particularly African American males, to pursue the best career choices for themselves. While many are facing the daily challenge of trying to find work when thousands are losing their jobs, others are just not happy where they are working.

According to a report released by The Conference Board, under 50 percent of American workers are satisfied with their jobs. The survey was the result of a poll that enlisted information from 5,000 households and the startling results highlighted only 45 percent of the respondents were satisfied with their current work environment. The dissatisfaction by employees and the high rate of unemployment overall creates an interesting background for African American males who continue to struggle for acceptance in the American society, especially along the path to the best career choices.

The unemployment rate for African Americans is almost double that of the general population and the best career choices for African American males are often determined by others due largely to physical characteristics versus intellectual qualifications. Picture this, a six foot eight African American male. Would your first thought be that this is a future doctor or scientist? Not exactly and that is part of the problem in providing an arena for them to achieve greatness in other fields such as medicine or science where the numbers of African American males are in stark decline.

“We have to become more aggressive early on with all of our children, but especially our African American male children, because of the lack of variety in the role models they see on a regular basis,” states Sheila Joseph, Esq., Superintendent and Founder of the East New York Preparatory Charter School. “By starting with the career goal process early, we can identify their best career choices and provide them with the exposure and the fundamentals to achieve those goals.”

Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., East New York Prep has an extensive curriculum and career focused program format that engages the students in the elementary years to decide on their best career choices and helps the students to believe that they can succeed.

“Children need goals just like adults and it provides them with the something to work towards,” add Joseph. “And we involve the teachers, parents, students and community into the process with a goals ceremony to celebrate the students’ choices and encourage them to reach it. Our students from kindergarten on up have chosen careers that you generally do not hear about in predominantly African American and Hispanic communities. We are talking doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, teachers and fire fighters. Yes, there is the occasional football or basketball player, but even those are coupled with something else.”

Discovering the best career choices for our young people takes time and effort, but aren’t our children worth it?

Determining the best career choices for African American males begins with early involvement and requires a community-based agenda that incorporates the home, school and neighborhood. Giving equal time to all the opportunities that exist provides a more productive launching pad for industry diversity in the global arena.

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