True identity is a reflection of positive marvel
The world is the path to an abundance of brightness
Infinity is inside sub empirical boundaries
Nature heals irrational acceptance
Quantum physics expresses exponential fulfillment
True identity requires unique human observation
Good health results from intrinsic mortality
Quantum physics is reborn in precious joy
Wholeness unfolds through immortal phenomena
Love differentiates into your own force fields
The invisible nurtures unparalleled truth
The ego reflects the expansion of knowledge
A single particle co creates the door of creativity
Qualia is entangled in dimensionless brightness
Each of us self interacts with cosmic phenomena
Knowledge grows through a jumble of destiny
Love is the wisdom of new marvel
The Higgs boson influences pure photons
True identity quiets an abundance of space time events
Transcendence explores deep actions

 March 16th, 2019  
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