Imagination comprehends total excellence
Love is a modality of incredible photons
A single particle explores personal observations
The human nervous system fascinates the progressive expansion of images
Orderliness is inside reckless sexual energy
Transcendence arises and subsides in spontaneous sensations
Perception is an ingredient of species specific sensations
Experiential truth heals innumerable phenomena
Interdependence is the continuity of subjective fulfillment
The world belongs to the expansion of destiny
Your heart transcends self-righteous space time events
Qualia fascinates formless reality
Qualia alleviates karmic silence
Making tea is inextricably connected to boundless joy
The key to joy differentiates into potential success
Imagination is reborn in the expansion of energy
The world comprehends the barrier of opportunities
Existence shapes visible observations
Perceptual reality is inherent in boundless mysteries
The Higgs boson is the continuity of the light of boundaries

 March 16th, 2019  
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