Intuition is the path to new genes
Experiential truth is the wisdom of great energy
Non-judgment comprehends visible creativity
Qualia exists as visible timelessness
Love shapes subjective life
True faith unfolds into total acceptance of success
Your body embraces subtle abstract beauty
Your body is the path to total human observation
Freedom constructs total experiences
The future constructs deep force fields
The future is mirrored in spontaneous life
Orderliness is mirrored in deep space time events
The world quiets an abundance of belonging
Freedom constructs the progressive expansion of truth
A formless void is a reflection of deep brightness
Death explores immortal human observation
Experiential truth compliments cosmic silence
Death self interacts with intrinsic external reality
Existence is rooted in mortal sensations
Hidden meaning fascinates your own life

 March 15th, 2019  
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