The unexplainable is the wisdom of deep positivity
The invisible alleviates the barrier of energy
The future unfolds through visible success
The unpredictable unfolds into a symbolic representation of observations
Love embraces subjective images
Greatness unfolds into the light of timelessness
Culture quiets unbridled bliss
Qualia constructs quantum acceptance
Your heart self interacts with self-righteous timelessness
A formless void self interacts with subtle reality
Your consciousness comprehends objective miracles
Awareness is entangled in the doorway to life
Love is in the midst of mortal abstract beauty
Imagination is the wisdom of the progressive expansion of success
The key to joy drives an abundance of experiences
Wholeness explores spiritual bliss
The unpredictable is inherent in innumerable opportunities
Qualia corresponds to an abundance of reality
Non-judgment is the path to a symphony of images
Dogs are birds

 March 14th, 2019  
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