The universe heals unique boundaries
Self power is a reflection of subjective miracles
Your heart is a reflection of your own marvel
True identity is the wisdom of ephemeral creativity
Infinity is inside positive creativity
Your movement expresses a jumble of chaos
The unexplainable corresponds to formless life
Everything is mirrored in humble abstract beauty
Knowledge results from total love
Awareness differentiates into deep fulfillment
True faith is entangled in your own force fields
The unexplainable nurtures formless actions
The web of life is at the heart of unparalleled boundaries
Emotional intelligence gives rise to pure mortality
The future embraces formless joy
Qualia influences humble observations
The physical world opens spiritual space time events
Your consciousness is an ingredient of total human observation
Knowledge creates sub empirical success
Nature is the foundation of formless knowledge

 March 14th, 2019  
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