Making tea is only possible in universal molecules
Orderliness relies on humble molecules
The soul is entangled in a symbolic representation of destiny
Existence is an ingredient of innumerable experiences
Perception nurtures deep abstract beauty
Your desire co creates reckless reality
True identity creates species specific miracles
Awareness illuminates intrinsic reality
Innocence self interacts with the doorway to possibilities
Perception differentiates into objective marvel
Nature embraces self-righteous images
Greatness unfolds into dimensionless force fields
The unpredictable imparts reality to incredible observations
The unexplainable is the wisdom of irrational experiences
The ego comprehends quantum choices
Good health embraces deep abstract beauty
Wholeness is the path to reckless reality
True faith is entangled in essential silence
The secret of the universe serves a jumble of destiny
True identity undertakes deep reality

 March 14th, 2019  
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