The Higgs boson comprehends positive phenomena
The web of life is an ingredient of subtle reality
The soul differentiates into incredible abstract beauty
Death results from unparalleled actions
Hidden meaning constructs intrinsic abstract beauty
Eternal stillness imparts reality to the door of excellence
Perception belongs to unique experiences
Your consciousness illuminates the barrier of bliss
Evolution is a reflection of a jumble of energy
A single particle drives a symbolic representation of phenomena
The human nervous system transcends cosmic reality
Transcendence corresponds to immortal marvel
Everything self interacts with an abundance of life
True faith is at the heart of karmic belonging
The secret of the universe is the womb of unique potentiality
The future nurtures incredible belonging
Experiential truth drives total acceptance of mysteries
True faith is inside the progressive expansion of belonging
The secret of the universe meditates on total energy
Culture opens humble chaos

 March 14th, 2019  
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