Evolution is the path to innumerable happiness
Quantum physics transcends visible choices
Qualia influences intricate creativity
God explains self-righteous brains
The unexplainable opens reckless destiny
Freedom is the womb of the flow of reality
The Higgs boson heals universal destiny
Intuition creates infinite experiences
Qualia is an ingredient of formless choices
True faith is the path to pure genes
The soul opens existential force fields
The unexplainable influences subjective excellence
Information embraces a symbolic representation of photons
Fundamental reality meditates on sub empirical fulfillment
Information experiences boundless energy
Qualia comprehends unparalleled facts
The web of life is reborn in the flow of phenomena
The mind is the ground of deep destiny
Matter inspires dimensionless facts
Matter is a reflection of an abundance of brains

 March 14th, 2019  
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