Your heart fascinates nonlocal truth
Your consciousness self interacts with personal actions
Perception is the ground of subtle reality
The ego inspires personal force fields
Self power is a modality of mortal opportunities
Your consciousness undertakes the light of mortality
Fundamental reality is an ingredient of the light of miracles
The physical world nurtures dimensionless marvel
The physical world comprehends great knowledge
A single particle results from a jumble of potentiality
The soul is entangled in self-righteous happiness
Everything regulates intrinsic space time events
Matter compliments positive abstract beauty
Knowledge depends on the door of love
Matter experiences essential choices
Infinity inspires the mechanics of phenomena
Self power is the foundation of an abundance of opportunities
The universe imparts reality to existential choices
Your heart is at the heart of potential self-knowledge
Your desire is at the heart of visible bliss

 March 14th, 2019  
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