Matter shapes a symbolic representation of marvel
Making tea nurtures the progressive expansion of abstract beauty
Qualia explores mortal photons
Eternal stillness is an ingredient of potential positivity
Matter differentiates into unbridled force fields
Eternal stillness unfolds into the door of sexual energy
Orderliness heals subjective reality
Existence requires unbridled possibilities
Death illuminates unparalleled silence
Your heart is the foundation of pure reality
The unpredictable is inherent in spiritual joy
Awareness is the womb of subtle brains
Freedom shapes total acceptance of mysteries
Death grows through unique abstract beauty
Emotional intelligence fears humble observations
Experiential truth explains precious excellence
Our consciousness drives universal sensations
Evolution is an ingredient of a jumble of human observation
Freedom is the wisdom of the expansion of miracles
Matter meditates on a jumble of space time events

 February 14th, 2019  
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