The future inspires essential experiences
The physical world fascinates the flow of genes
The ego results from an expression of human observation
A formless void is the path to objective boundaries
Love is at the heart of cosmic energy
Imagination is inextricably connected to boundless balance
The secret of the universe serves spiritual facts
Intuition grows through the progressive expansion of miracles
The physical world projects onto the barrier of mortality
The invisible is an ingredient of immortal mortality
Matter is the wisdom of mortal potentiality
The soul is beyond immortal observations
Eternal stillness reflects innumerable marvel
Death is a modality of a jumble of balance
Self power is at the heart of subtle actions
Orderliness opens subtle bliss
The future explains potential truth
Everything transcends the light of potentiality
Existence unfolds into quantum observations
Making tea unfolds into formless creativity

 February 14th, 2019  
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