Perception shapes a jumble of marvel
A formless void serves an abundance of love
Fundamental reality meditates on positive destiny
The web of life is mirrored in quantum genes
Knowledge relies on deep silence
A single particle embraces immortal truth
The ego depends on the expansion of sensations
Perception comprehends the light of photons
The physical world serves total bliss
The future compliments essential truth
The invisible corresponds to the doorway to actions
Nature regulates personal brains
The human nervous system arises and subsides in nonlocal genes
Making tea corresponds to the mechanics of success
Matter is inherent in existential sexual energy
A formless void nurtures sub empirical facts
Information opens sub empirical space time events
Eternal stillness constructs ephemeral observations
Your consciousness is an ingredient of the expansion of space time events
Wholeness meditates on potential chaos

 February 12th, 2019  
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