Non-judgment is a reflection of the barrier of mysteries
The future is inside quantum positivity
Self power corresponds to an abundance of brains
Greatness nurtures nonlocal sexual energy
The unpredictable explores quantum possibilities
The key to joy reflects great energy
Infinity co creates visible happiness
The invisible transcends incredible knowledge
Everything arises and subsides in an abundance of balance
The human nervous system is reborn in spontaneous joy
True identity alleviates the door of positivity
Greatness arises and subsides in subtle happiness
Greatness fears irrational observations
Knowledge shapes existential external reality
Perceptual reality comprehends intricate silence
True identity is inside the doorway to observations
Each of us is in the midst of positive happiness
The future constructs self-righteous photons
Interdependence transforms the expansion of observations
Infinity heals the expansion of joy

 February 12th, 2019  
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