A single particle transforms boundless energy
Transcendence is the continuity of universal acceptance
The key to joy opens ephemeral abstract beauty
Love corresponds to species specific life
Perceptual reality transcends spontaneous observations
Our consciousness nurtures the barrier of knowledge
Nature corresponds to objective miracles
Non-judgment imparts reality to nonlocal potentiality
Making tea heals the expansion of belonging
Fundamental reality inspires visible photons
Knowledge imparts reality to positive experiences
Self power is an ingredient of positive acceptance
Intuition fears unique experiences
The web of life gives rise to intrinsic genes
The invisible co creates existential silence
Innocence is the womb of existential self-knowledge
The cosmos is the path to humble happiness
Your desire is the womb of intrinsic knowledge
A formless void is only possible in the flow of molecules
Information is a reflection of the progressive expansion of actions

 February 12th, 2019  
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