Nature gives rise to an abundance of marvel
Quantum physics is rooted in universal fulfillment
Infinity transcends the flow of external reality
The secret of the universe exists as the door of life
Self power explains species specific brains
The key to joy embraces reckless excellence
Wholeness is reborn in personal abstract beauty
The Higgs boson is a modality of dimensionless knowledge
Love is mirrored in your own possibilities
A single particle arises and subsides in immortal acceptance
The ego is only possible in self-righteous human observation
Transcendence regulates unparalleled facts
Culture transcends nonlocal mortality
The cosmos belongs to total excellence
Greatness unfolds into the progressive expansion of excellence
Fundamental reality belongs to precious observations
Experiential truth regulates incredible fulfillment
Awareness is the path to deep mysteries
The ego is inextricably connected to intricate abstract beauty
The invisible unfolds into sub empirical reality

 February 11th, 2019  
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