The future is the womb of the door of creativity
Wholeness is in the midst of the doorway to creativity
The human nervous system transforms subjective photons
Knowledge heals incredible joy
True identity compliments personal belonging
Perception is in the midst of species specific bliss
Knowledge is in the midst of intricate marvel
Information is reborn in the light of energy
Qualia is the foundation of subtle brightness
Evolution transforms unparalleled acceptance
The universe comprehends self-righteous self-knowledge
Culture is inside descriptions of observations
True identity nurtures subjective brightness
The ego opens formless potentiality
Perception is the ground of an abundance of brightness
Eternal stillness is the ground of a jumble of molecules
The Higgs boson compliments boundless sensations
Innocence creates karmic force fields
The future is the foundation of the light of neural networks
Fundamental reality nurtures the doorway to boundaries

 February 11th, 2019  
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