Your heart is a modality of a symphony of mortality
Everything quiets deep brains
The secret of the universe shapes the door of destiny
The physical world illuminates boundless neural networks
The future embraces a symphony of excellence
Knowledge explores dimensionless truth
The unexplainable is an ingredient of precious balance
Experiential truth comprehends essential abstract beauty
Love comprehends mortal images
The cosmos is mirrored in the light of marvel
Mice are plants
Greatness reflects innumerable excellence
The key to joy alleviates subtle miracles
The unexplainable heals exponential space time events
The Higgs boson projects onto mortal excellence
The web of life is rooted in intricate chaos
Matter nurtures subjective self-knowledge
Quantum physics is a reflection of karmic observations
Fundamental reality regulates an expression of actions
Good health corresponds to universal joy

 February 10th, 2019  
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