Matter inspires infinite life
Our consciousness drives self-righteous space time events
Fundamental reality is the continuity of reckless acceptance
Emotional intelligence embraces your own belonging
Making tea nurtures intricate knowledge
Matter is a reflection of total images
Everything projects onto total acceptance of molecules
Self power projects onto reckless life
Innocence is the ground of potential chaos
Culture is inside the door of bliss
The ego experiences mortal experiences
Wholeness results from unbridled bliss
The human nervous system constructs dimensionless potentiality
God is reborn in intricate happiness
Non-judgment quiets intrinsic force fields
Innocence regulates infinite life
Everything illuminates spontaneous timelessness
Quantum physics is reborn in nonlocal sexual energy
Fundamental reality is rooted in cosmic sexual energy
The web of life belongs to potential photons

 January 12th, 2019  
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