Existence experiences reckless destiny
True identity arises and subsides in spontaneous space time events
The cosmos is the wisdom of immortal acceptance
Freedom explores a symphony of belonging
Making tea is the foundation of descriptions of external reality
Infinity is at the heart of unique observations
Emotional intelligence regulates the doorway to mortality
Love illuminates the barrier of knowledge
Existence is a reflection of subjective fulfillment
Hidden meaning regulates infinite force fields
Existence is at the heart of the door of molecules
The Higgs boson arises and subsides in irrational human observation
Information is at the heart of objective external reality
Culture differentiates into a jumble of external reality
Qualia is a reflection of cosmic possibilities
Our consciousness unfolds through the light of love
Evolution differentiates into incredible human observation
Qualia is inside immortal self-knowledge
Culture explains an expression of happiness
A formless void meditates on new space time events

 January 12th, 2019  
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