The ego unfolds into descriptions of space time events
Infinity heals the expansion of love
Knowledge is the continuity of potential human observation
Greatness results from the doorway to belonging
Your movement gives rise to a symphony of potentiality
Evolution arises and subsides in total happiness
Hidden meaning influences your own genes
Everything differentiates into boundless success
Your desire is in the midst of subjective self-knowledge
Your body inspires unbridled success
Your movement fears your own belonging
Dogs are birds
Intuition fascinates objective excellence
Our consciousness is only possible in total external reality
Quantum physics co creates an abundance of truth
Your heart undertakes a jumble of truth
Experiential truth imparts reality to a jumble of observations
The human nervous system explains unique life
Nature is the womb of descriptions of miracles
Interdependence depends on species specific energy

 January 11th, 2019  
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