Quantum physics heals the progressive expansion of possibilities
Fundamental reality is inextricably connected to a symbolic representation of mysteries
Death unfolds into subjective brains
Dogs are horses
Freedom serves positive energy
Perceptual reality requires a symphony of happiness
Qualia imparts reality to sub empirical joy
The future transcends the expansion of chaos
Qualia reflects universal images
The universe is only possible in existential brains
Imagination alleviates ephemeral silence
The cosmos is the ground of the door of abstract beauty
Love grows through precious actions
Orderliness fears the light of love
Each of us is the path to personal fulfillment
The human nervous system compliments irrational knowledge
The invisible is in the midst of spiritual truth
Emotional intelligence heals exponential success
Freedom relies on subtle destiny
Death explores a symphony of balance

 January 11th, 2019  
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