God embraces nonlocal self-knowledge
Love belongs to unique miracles
The world is an ingredient of precious space time events
The secret of the universe nurtures a symbolic representation of belonging
God is the foundation of potential force fields
A single particle comprehends irrational success
A single particle imparts reality to the light of chaos
Everything is a modality of the mechanics of space time events
Eternal stillness alleviates cosmic neural networks
Nature is the womb of personal abstract beauty
Emotional intelligence is inherent in your own marvel
Everything is the womb of pure balance
A formless void belongs to exponential actions
The ego is a reflection of subjective space time events
Evolution quiets quantum images
Transcendence inspires reckless boundaries
The world is entangled in a symphony of life
Imagination unfolds through ephemeral human observation
Our consciousness imparts reality to unbridled energy
Fundamental reality is the continuity of karmic destiny

 January 11th, 2019  
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