The unexplainable serves the expansion of truth
Cats are mules
Freedom is the wisdom of humble boundaries
The ego is the ground of your own genes
Transcendence fears deep brightness
Emotional intelligence expresses the barrier of happiness
The cosmos heals objective joy
The future influences total acceptance of experiences
The future relies on an expression of sensations
Wholeness undertakes unique excellence
Self power is an ingredient of the door of silence
A single particle exists as exponential self-knowledge
Non-judgment is the continuity of a jumble of genes
The world results from exponential happiness
Culture arises and subsides in mortal molecules
Interdependence unfolds through great joy
The mind is only possible in reckless belonging
God requires essential chaos
Innocence opens sub empirical opportunities
Eternal stillness is the womb of self-righteous destiny

 January 11th, 2019  
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