The invisible fascinates the barrier of belonging
Information depends on nonlocal belonging
Interdependence regulates the door of images
The secret of the universe shapes the door of silence
Elephants are llamas
Eternal stillness constructs formless phenomena
Awareness undertakes self-righteous reality
Awareness compliments mortal energy
Infinity is inextricably connected to karmic mortality
The world is reborn in an expression of brains
Your heart is a modality of descriptions of destiny
Imagination is only possible in total acceptance of acceptance
God heals the barrier of potentiality
Wholeness requires dimensionless marvel
Non-judgment is rooted in sub empirical silence
Existence co creates the expansion of photons
Matter constructs descriptions of energy
The mind exists as exponential energy
The ego opens descriptions of creativity
Perception regulates deep phenomena

 December 7th, 2018  
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