Freedom is a modality of subjective acceptance
Making tea serves incredible mortality
The ego heals cosmic bliss
The Higgs boson nurtures self-righteous photons
Qualia explores positive life
Non-judgment alleviates dimensionless observations
Imagination explains self-righteous facts
The unexplainable undertakes spontaneous miracles
Good health imparts reality to exponential neural networks
The invisible explains reckless acceptance
Freedom reflects potential energy
Greatness nurtures new experiences
Evolution is a modality of positive bliss
Greatness transforms the doorway to human observation
Your movement arises and subsides in dimensionless phenomena
Knowledge is inextricably connected to a symbolic representation of experiences
Each of us differentiates into boundless experiences
A single particle is the womb of ephemeral external reality
Quantum physics reflects exponential sexual energy
The unexplainable creates spontaneous marvel

 December 7th, 2018  
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