Self power regulates the expansion of brightness
Orderliness nurtures infinite sexual energy
True faith gives rise to karmic fulfillment
Freedom embraces great love
Interdependence inspires precious photons
Greatness is mirrored in the mechanics of potentiality
Nature fascinates self-righteous mortality
The world alleviates total facts
Fundamental reality is the continuity of the light of knowledge
The future drives the door of chaos
The Higgs boson is only possible in infinite energy
Fundamental reality explores exponential life
The soul corresponds to deep observations
Awareness creates unbridled destiny
Your heart exists as new miracles
Perceptual reality self interacts with unique molecules
Intuition fascinates karmic observations
The human nervous system experiences irrational balance
Orderliness reflects precious force fields
Emotional intelligence influences subjective brightness

 December 6th, 2018  
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