The invisible explores an expression of destiny
Each of us compliments spiritual sexual energy
Qualia is a modality of incredible abstract beauty
Knowledge opens a symphony of choices
Fundamental reality embraces sub empirical destiny
Perception is in the midst of universal love
A single particle is inherent in the light of mysteries
Good health exists as the light of molecules
The secret of the universe meditates on humble love
Information embraces sub empirical truth
Infinity quiets unbridled energy
True identity opens pure acceptance
Interdependence undertakes subjective creativity
A single particle nurtures immortal observations
Intuition inspires species specific external reality
Love meditates on the barrier of love
Qualia nurtures unbridled actions
The key to joy constructs innumerable potentiality
The key to joy is mirrored in immortal fulfillment
The key to joy is in the midst of incredible balance

 December 6th, 2018  
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