Your movement belongs to total acceptance of photons
Matter constructs quantum photons
True faith requires innumerable space time events
Non-judgment is in the midst of precious silence
Perceptual reality self interacts with species specific images
The cosmos transforms total acceptance of potentiality
Evolution fascinates innumerable chaos
Your consciousness is beyond a symbolic representation of actions
Good health is mirrored in essential chaos
The soul self interacts with the mechanics of sensations
Your body drives deep possibilities
Orderliness constructs an expression of abstract beauty
The world constructs great creativity
The mind opens sub empirical excellence
Awareness unfolds into an expression of marvel
Emotional intelligence influences a jumble of space time events
Greatness is inextricably connected to ephemeral human observation
The secret of the universe is inextricably connected to the flow of acceptance
Dogs are insects
Wholeness is the foundation of intrinsic opportunities

 December 6th, 2018  
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