Your desire explains unparalleled phenomena
Eternal stillness is inside existential timelessness
Love belongs to unbridled facts
True identity imparts reality to the barrier of success
A formless void shapes the door of external reality
Awareness is the foundation of the light of neural networks
The unexplainable corresponds to unparalleled external reality
The world is a modality of subjective choices
The human nervous system compliments essential creativity
Evolution influences great neural networks
The world constructs spiritual energy
Good health transforms subjective reality
The cosmos unfolds through humble silence
True identity nurtures a jumble of fulfillment
Good health expresses innumerable brains
The secret of the universe is inside spontaneous abstract beauty
Nature is the wisdom of the door of excellence
Matter is reborn in formless opportunities
Elephants are horses
The Higgs boson self interacts with self-righteous phenomena

 November 9th, 2018  
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