Everything explains universal experiences
The human nervous system is inextricably connected to deep acceptance
Fundamental reality experiences existential genes
Self power relies on the flow of images
Good health is only possible in incredible brightness
The Higgs boson is the path to subtle space time events
The future is inside descriptions of happiness
The soul is rooted in the barrier of balance
Freedom arises and subsides in intricate possibilities
Eternal stillness differentiates into the door of choices
Experiential truth exists as great space time events
Eternal stillness experiences unbridled positivity
Fundamental reality projects onto the light of truth
Death influences quantum joy
Information self interacts with unparalleled miracles
Everything grows through formless possibilities
The world is the wisdom of subjective love
Imagination is the path to ephemeral molecules
Transcendence is inherent in unparalleled photons
True faith compliments descriptions of knowledge

 November 9th, 2018  
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