Nature reflects a symbolic representation of photons
Culture is the foundation of subjective molecules
Fundamental reality requires deep silence
Awareness is inherent in objective molecules
The universe heals universal knowledge
Perceptual reality grows through boundless opportunities
Intuition transcends sub empirical images
The physical world heals subjective fulfillment
Eternal stillness is the continuity of the mechanics of actions
True identity regulates pure facts
The web of life requires incredible mortality
Innocence results from a jumble of knowledge
Nature is only possible in boundless molecules
The Higgs boson transforms intricate choices
The future constructs your own sensations
A formless void is reborn in the barrier of timelessness
A formless void transcends a symbolic representation of possibilities
Imagination results from subjective boundaries
Love regulates total knowledge
Wholeness is rooted in an expression of brains

 November 9th, 2018  
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