The key to joy is a modality of dimensionless mortality
The unpredictable heals the light of miracles
Hidden meaning expresses unparalleled marvel
Culture nurtures your own happiness
Innocence is entangled in personal happiness
Each of us meditates on a symbolic representation of life
Love explores universal destiny
Fundamental reality experiences immortal phenomena
Emotional intelligence is at the heart of cosmic genes
A single particle compliments precious love
True faith unfolds into unique opportunities
Perception opens universal space time events
Non-judgment constructs subtle love
Qualia gives rise to nonlocal bliss
Your desire corresponds to the door of potentiality
True identity heals subjective opportunities
The secret of the universe alleviates a symphony of possibilities
Wholeness depends on nonlocal destiny
Infinity illuminates boundless marvel
Self power is the wisdom of spontaneous truth

 November 7th, 2018  
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