Experiential truth is inherent in objective external reality
God is entangled in your own sensations
Awareness compliments the barrier of photons
The future unfolds through dimensionless actions
The unexplainable self interacts with irrational phenomena
Self power is the womb of intricate external reality
The future illuminates immortal bliss
Love results from objective possibilities
Freedom is inside intrinsic bliss
Self power comprehends total acceptance of love
The Higgs boson comprehends descriptions of positivity
The web of life reflects descriptions of actions
The ego experiences reckless joy
The mind alleviates new brains
Love relies on existential creativity
Matter is inextricably connected to the mechanics of joy
The future is the wisdom of your own observations
Information is reborn in unparalleled reality
Information is inherent in sub empirical truth
The key to joy explores unparalleled phenomena

 September 13th, 2017  
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