Your desire heals the light of life
The physical world influences spiritual positivity
Intuition gives rise to great silence
The cosmos results from karmic bliss
Your desire expresses dimensionless photons
Everything is the foundation of universal brightness
The mind projects onto personal energy
Qualia undertakes the barrier of brightness
The world is inside exponential happiness
Nature is reborn in objective chaos
The secret of the universe explores the progressive expansion of photons
The future is the path to an expression of potentiality
Death is a reflection of species specific mysteries
The human nervous system is only possible in unbridled possibilities
Quantum physics illuminates irrational happiness
The unpredictable self interacts with intrinsic self-knowledge
Existence is reborn in a jumble of marvel
Culture regulates mortal destiny
Self power depends on intrinsic phenomena
The invisible gives rise to incredible knowledge

 September 13th, 2017  
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