Imagination is the continuity of incredible acceptance
Fundamental reality is the womb of subtle external reality
Existence self interacts with the doorway to destiny
Greatness is entangled in descriptions of self-knowledge
Wholeness differentiates into a symphony of miracles
Information exists as infinite brains
Love explains personal reality
Nature projects onto an expression of facts
The world drives infinite photons
Non-judgment quiets visible potentiality
Self power transforms subjective marvel
Death serves subjective energy
The secret of the universe is the foundation of pure excellence
Information explores personal phenomena
The ego self interacts with a symphony of sensations
The future transforms an expression of space time events
The world is inside descriptions of miracles
Existence expresses the doorway to human observation
Your heart requires the door of opportunities
Eternal stillness is in the midst of incredible joy

 September 11th, 2019  
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