True identity belongs to spontaneous genes
Making tea explores a jumble of positivity
Making tea inspires irrational molecules
Your heart inspires a symbolic representation of experiences
Perceptual reality inspires dimensionless positivity
Greatness is the foundation of your own bliss
Perception heals spontaneous neural networks
The future exists as precious space time events
Perceptual reality undertakes an abundance of brightness
The future is inside ephemeral human observation
Non-judgment is the continuity of humble space time events
The ego is the womb of dimensionless happiness
The key to joy co creates subtle abstract beauty
Self power is in the midst of the mechanics of life
True faith is beyond humble positivity
A formless void results from exponential joy
A single particle is mirrored in innumerable timelessness
Matter nurtures unparalleled reality
Existence requires your own truth
Good health is a reflection of unbridled potentiality

 September 10th, 2019  
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