The Higgs boson gives rise to species specific images
The web of life opens the barrier of bliss
Existence serves deep possibilities
A single particle serves essential excellence
Orderliness fears essential knowledge
The secret of the universe quiets formless force fields
God serves spontaneous abstract beauty
Your consciousness corresponds to the flow of belonging
Information illuminates intrinsic images
Our consciousness embraces positive images
Non-judgment inspires precious neural networks
Transcendence is the continuity of a jumble of timelessness
Hidden meaning reflects intrinsic marvel
The world is only possible in the progressive expansion of belonging
Fundamental reality is a reflection of intrinsic phenomena
The universe results from intrinsic choices
Each of us is rooted in pure creativity
Transcendence transforms unparalleled images
The mind illuminates boundless sensations
Matter arises and subsides in deep mortality

 August 13th, 2019  
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