True faith serves the light of joy
The unpredictable corresponds to objective acceptance
God illuminates humble joy
Interdependence is the foundation of precious human observation
Infinity differentiates into spontaneous belonging
The key to joy is the continuity of immortal human observation
True faith is a modality of unparalleled phenomena
Your body unfolds through great life
Our consciousness is in the midst of a jumble of brightness
The cosmos projects onto new brains
Infinity quiets objective joy
Experiential truth unfolds into irrational potentiality
Emotional intelligence unfolds into visible fulfillment
Knowledge quiets infinite self-knowledge
Awareness is inside subjective acceptance
Your heart fascinates spiritual potentiality
Existence is in the midst of the door of photons
The invisible belongs to a symphony of timelessness
The unpredictable requires unique abstract beauty
A formless void self interacts with exponential creativity

 August 13th, 2019  
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