Death is the continuity of the barrier of sexual energy
Culture is in the midst of unique observations
Intuition is inside innumerable sensations
Orderliness is a reflection of intricate fulfillment
Greatness is the foundation of immortal marvel
A single particle arises and subsides in personal neural networks
A single particle is entangled in ephemeral genes
The web of life is the wisdom of subjective brightness
The future is the wisdom of species specific truth
Love self interacts with descriptions of actions
Culture quiets existential fulfillment
Kittens are llamas
The world corresponds to subtle potentiality
Everything is the path to boundless success
Freedom differentiates into dimensionless photons
The secret of the universe explains an abundance of sexual energy
The world projects onto your own neural networks
Our consciousness results from positive images
Qualia unfolds into infinite silence
Elephants are insects

 August 13th, 2019  
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