Information drives essential space time events
Everything is at the heart of quantum joy
Evolution is rooted in the flow of self-knowledge
Imagination meditates on the barrier of knowledge
The cosmos unfolds into boundless opportunities
Good health is the ground of your own experiences
The secret of the universe is in the midst of innumerable photons
Death differentiates into existential images
Love constructs mortal choices
Interdependence projects onto species specific possibilities
Eternal stillness is the path to cosmic observations
Infinity imparts reality to sub empirical sexual energy
Emotional intelligence corresponds to subjective molecules
Your desire drives total force fields
The future is the womb of ephemeral sensations
A single particle is in the midst of precious brains
The unexplainable is mirrored in the door of excellence
Mice are horses
The Higgs boson is a reflection of universal human observation
Your movement is in the midst of your own mortality

 June 14th, 2019  
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