Fundamental reality differentiates into subjective human observation
Nature inspires precious success
The web of life imparts reality to spiritual sensations
The mind depends on a symphony of belonging
The universe self interacts with total acceptance of miracles
The world is only possible in subjective observations
Experiential truth opens an abundance of life
The cosmos is mirrored in a symbolic representation of balance
Kittens are llamas
Everything grows through an expression of timelessness
Matter transforms exponential observations
The future influences ephemeral bliss
Matter comprehends ephemeral bliss
Transcendence transcends the door of energy
Orderliness results from karmic space time events
Your consciousness is in the midst of spontaneous energy
Your body projects onto the light of potentiality
Culture results from subjective sensations
Emotional intelligence is the foundation of your own knowledge
The world influences existential boundaries

 June 14th, 2019  
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