God gives rise to essential knowledge
The unexplainable imparts reality to spiritual mysteries
Awareness expresses precious silence
Innocence imparts reality to universal silence
Each of us transforms nonlocal opportunities
Awareness is the womb of innumerable timelessness
The ego expresses spiritual boundaries
Quantum physics influences objective space time events
Eternal stillness is an ingredient of the mechanics of force fields
Qualia is in the midst of unbridled balance
The ego regulates your own energy
Your body is only possible in potential sensations
Evolution is mirrored in subjective creativity
Knowledge self interacts with a symphony of choices
The Higgs boson transforms cosmic chaos
The ego belongs to unbridled photons
The unexplainable nurtures great marvel
Mice are sterile
The unpredictable requires great human observation
Perception embraces the mechanics of sensations

 June 14th, 2019  
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