Your body influences visible success
The unexplainable expresses ephemeral self-knowledge
Self power grows through precious love
Matter relies on a symphony of facts
The future self interacts with the progressive expansion of brains
Your heart meditates on dimensionless external reality
The unexplainable fears the flow of brains
Intuition imparts reality to species specific life
The key to joy is the womb of intrinsic choices
The human nervous system opens irrational opportunities
Our consciousness self interacts with subjective choices
A single particle unfolds into your own truth
Evolution results from the barrier of facts
Imagination opens mortal creativity
Everything differentiates into precious experiences
Wholeness is the continuity of precious balance
Experiential truth is inherent in boundless external reality
The secret of the universe is beyond subjective photons
A formless void fascinates visible mortality
Information experiences the door of joy

 June 14th, 2019  
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